U.S. Women's Open - Josie Barnes defeated Cherie Tan of Singapore 198-194 to win her first major tournament.  Barnes won $100,000 - the largest amount ever for a professional women's bowling tournament.  [JAM 8/31/2021]

U.S. Open - Chris Via defeated Jakob Buttorff 214-213.  18-year-old Anthony Neuer converted the 7-10 split in the semi-final match. [JAM 4/11/2021]

USBC Masters Thomas Larsen defeated Jesper Svensson 197-176 to win his first major.  [JAM 4/4/2021]

Scorpion - Tom Daugherty defeated Kyle Troup 266-254. [JAM 3/17/2021]

Chameleon - Shawn Maldonado defeated Jakob Butturff 250-202 to win his first PBA title.  [JAM 3/16/2021]

Cheetah - Sam Cooley defeated Kris Prather 247-185 to win his first PBA title. [JAM 3/15/2021]

World Championship - Tom Daugherty defeated Jakob Buttorrf 263 to 257 to win his first major tournament. [JAM 3/13/2021]

Tournament of Champions - Francois Lavoie ran the ladder defeating Sean Rash 225-209 , Jesper Svensson 236-201, Jason Belmonte 220-194 and Anthony Simonsen 233-187 to win his third major tournament.  [JAM 2/28/2021]

Players - Kyle Troup won his first major tournament by defeating Dick Allen 257 to 212.  The tournament was split into five regional events for the first time.  Chris Via bowled 300 in a qualifying round,  [JAM 2/21/2021]

Tour Finals - Kyle Troup defeated Anthony Simonsen 40-39 in a two-frame roll-off.  Eight players qualified for the tournament.  Jacob Butturff bowled 300 in qualifying.  [JAM 7/19/2020]

World Championship - Belmonte defeated Simonsen 213-190 in a tournament shortened by the coronavirus pandemic.  Bowling was the only live sports on TV today. [JAM 3/15/2020]

Indianapolis - Jesper Svensson defeated Shawn Maldonado 245-226 to win his 9th PBA title.  [JAM 2/29/2020]

U.S. Open - Jason Belmonte won his first U.S. Open and 12th major by defeating Anthony Simonsen 226-201.  Amateur Perry Crowell IV moved from tied at 36th to 4th place on the TV finals.  Dick Allen was third. [JAM 2/23/2020]

Players - Bill O'Neill won his second major tournament over E.J. Tackett 233-232 on the final shot of the tournament. [JAM 2/15/2020]

Tournament of Champions - Kris Prather won his first major tournament defeating Bill O'Neill 280-205.  Prather won four straight games for the title. [JAM 2/9/2020]

Jonesboro - Kyle Troup defeated Chris Barnes 290-269 after Barnes had run the ladder through Tommy Jones, Jason Belmonte and A.J. Johnson.  [JAM 2/1/2020]

Oklahoma - Sean Rash climbed the stepladder to win his 15th PBA title by defeating Ryan Ciminelli 289-234.  [JAM 1/26/2020]

Hall of Fame - In a limited field of 56, Tommy Jones won his 20th PBA title right after being inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame.  Jones defeated Darren Tang 300-237 - the 27th perfect game on television.  [JAM 1/19/2020]

U.S. Open - Francois Lavoie 221 Sean Rash 172 (10/30/2019)

U.S. Women's Open - Liz Kuhlkin climbed the ladder from fifth place to first place to win her first major tournament against Stephanie Johnson 218-196.  Missy Parkin bowled the only 300 of the tournament and finished eighth after match play,  [JAM 6/30/2018]

USBC Masters - Andrew Andersen defeated Alex Hoskins 213-199 to win his first PBA title and his first major tournament. [JAM 4/15/2018]

Players - Tom Smallwood defeated Jason Belmonte 267-239 for a stepladder victory. [JAM 2/25/2018]

Tournament of Champions (2018) - Matt O'Grady defeated Jesper Svensson 207-193 to win his first major tournament.

World Series of Bowling (2017)
 Chameleon - Liz Johnson
 Shark - Richie Teece
 Cheetah - Jesper Svensson
 Scorpion - E.J. Tackett
 World Championship - Jason Belmonte [12/31/2017]

U.S. Open - Rhino Page (11/2/2017)

USBC Masters - Jason Belmonte smoked amateur Michael Tang 279-212 to win his record fourth Masters title.  Michael Tang had defeated his older brother Darren Tang in an earlier playoff round. [JAM 2/26/2017]

World Championship - E.J. Tackett defeated Tom Smallwood 246-180 to get his first major championship. [JAM 12/11/2016]

U.S. Open - Francoise Lavoie defeated Marshall Kent 228-194 after bowling a 300 game in the semi-final match. [JAM 11/9/2016]

Players - Graham Fach became the first Canadian to win a major bowling tournament in his first television appearance bt defeating Ryan Ciminelli 279-244. [JAM 2/21/2016]

USBC Masters - Anthony Simonsen (age 19) became the youngest person to win a PBA major tournament when he defeated Dan MacLelland from Canada 245-207.  Simonsen qualified fifth with a 222 average and then bowled undefeated through six, three-game matches to earn the top seed for the television finals.  His average through 19 match games was 225.  Local favorites Missy Parkin and Scott Norton made the 64-bowler cut but lost in match play.  [JAM 2/14/2016]

Tournament of Champions - Jesper Svensson from Sweden defeated Mitch Beasley 226-177. [JAM 2/7/2016]

World Series of Bowling (2015)
 Cheetah - Parker Bohn III defeated Paul Moor 210-206
 Viper - Ryan Ciminelli defeated Kim Bolleby 237-201
 Chameleon - Jesper Svensson defeated Pascal Winternheimer 267-193
 Scorpion - Jonathan Van Hees defeated Jason Sterner 202-176
PBA World Championship - Gary Faulkner Jr. defeated E.J. Tackett 216-178; California bowler Scott Norton finisher third losing to Faulkner 218-262.

U.S. Open - Ryan Ciminelli led through 56 games and then defeated Dom Barrett on television 236-223.  Pete Weber, Norm Duke and Wes Malott finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively.  [JAM 11/8/2015]

Oklahoma Summer Swing
Wolf - Kyle Troup
Bear - Tommy Jones
Badger - Ronnie Russell
Oklahoma - Bill O'Neill  [May 2015]

Tournament of Champions - Jason Belmonte won his second consecutive major tournament by defeating Sean Rash 235-203.  Rash had bowled a perfect 300 game in the second round.  Southern California bowler, Scott Norton staged a dramatic finish in the qualifying position round to make the television finals but lost in the first stepladder round to Rash.  [JAM 2/15/2015]

USBC Masters - Jason Belmonte won his third consecutive Masters title by defeating top-seed, amateur A.J. Johnson 202-157.  Peter Weber was third.  [JAM 2/8/2015]

World Series of Bowling
  Cheetah - Anthony Pepe defeated Dick Allen 224-206
  Viper - Mika Koivuniemi defeated Connor Pickford 224-214
  Chameleon - D.J. Archer defeated Ronnie Russell 241-215
  Scorpion - Michael Haugen Jr. defeated Martin Larsen 213-206
  PBA World Championship - Mike Fagan defeated Wes Malott 252-212
  PBA50 - Amleto Monacelli defeated Walter Ray Williams Jr. 277-219
  WBT Men's - Josh Blanchard defeated E.J. Tackett 258-236
  WBT Women's - Missy Parkin defeated Clara Guerrero 266-202

USBC Queens - Top seed Maria Rodriguez barely out-lasted fourth-seed Kelly Kulick 190-189 as both bowlers struggled in the final match.  Kulick had cruised ahead of Missy Parkin 255-220, Jennifer Higgins 268-209 and Tanya Roumimper 248-137 barely missing the pocket through three solid dominating games until the final-game pressure broke her concentration.  [JAM 7/4/2014]

Oklahoma Summer Swing
   Wolf - Sean Rash over Chris Barnes 238-179
   Bear - Ronnie Russell over Tommy Jones 234-164
   Badger - Bill O'Neill over Brian Valenta 244-235
   Oklahoma - Jason Belmonte over E.J. Tackett 193-145
   Finals - Bill O'Neill over Sean Rash 245-181   [JAM 5/25/2014]

USBC Masters - After barely qualifying in the fifth spot, Jason Belmonte ran the table defeating Ryan Ciminelli 227-241, Tom Smallwood 202-173, Michael Haugen Jr. 235-234 and qualifying leader E.J. Tackett 221-177.  [JAM 2/25/2014]

Tournament of Champions - After dominating the 49 games of qualifying with a 246 average, Jason Belmonte barely defeated Wes Malott 219-218 as Malott left a light eight-pin on his first shot in the tenth frame.  Scott Norton finished in 12th place with a 224 average and a 14-10 match-play record.  Missy Parkin struggled with a leg injury and missed the first cut with a 209 average in 15 games. [JAM 1/26/2014]

World Series of Bowling
  Cheetah - Wes Malott defeated Parker Bohn III 243-169
  Viper - Chris Barnes defeated Ryan Ciminelli 230-212
  Chameleon - Ryan Ciminelli defeated Dom Barrett 258-203
  Scorpion - Tom Smallwood defeated Marshall Kent 221-216
  PBA World Championship - Dom Barrett defeated Sean Rash 238-235  [JAM 11/5/2013]

U.S. Open - Liz Johnson and Wes Malott won major titles in a rare live televised event.  Johnson defeated amateur Danielle McEwan 227-202 and defending-champ Kelly Kulick 257-195.  Malott defeated defending-champ Pete Weber 279-182 and tournament-leader Jason Belmonte 214-156.  Belmonte had dominated the tournament through 54 games with a 449-pin lead through qualifying and a 174-point lead through match play.  In a meaningless exhibition match after the tournament finales, Johnson defeated Malott 194-188.  Local favorites Missy Parkin and Scott Norton finished 33rd and 38th, respectively. [JAM 7/27/2013]

Milwaukee Open - Chris Barnes won the 60-game tournament with a 229 average.  Qualifying for the event involved three separate ten-game blocks on different oil patterns.  The pattern winners were Jake Peters (Badger), Chris Loschetter (Wolf), and Jason Belmonte (Bear).  Local favorite Missy Parkin finished seventh in the Bear and 32nd overall. [JAM 6/6/2013]

Tournament of Champions - Pete Weber tie the great Earl Anthony (1938-2001) with his tenth major championship.  Weber defeated Jason Belmonte 224-179 on difficult scoring conditions.  Local favorite shot 300 and 296 in back-to-back first round games but fell to 21st in the match-play rounds. [JAM 3/31/2013]

USBC Match Play - Jason Belmonte struck three times in the tenth frame to defeat Wes Malott 258-245.  Belmonte was undefeated in match play.  Malott needed to match the three strikes but went high to leave the 3-6-10 on his second ball.  Scott Norton qualified ninth and finished 19th in match play, averaging 223.  Missy Parkin averaged 210 in the qualifying rounds but missed qualifying by 31 pins. [JAM 2/24/2013]

Detroit Winter Swing - Scott Norton from California defeated Sean Rash 219-191 to win the Earl Anthony Players Championship.  Norton averaged 238.88 over 41 games to reach the final match.  Other results for the tournament are as follows:

Carmen Salvino Classic - Andres Gomez from Colombia defeated D.J. Archer 246-197.
Mark Roth Classic - Michael Haugen Jr. defeated Norton 215-194
Don Carter Classic - Jason Sterner defeated Wes Malott 299-235.  Sterner stuck a ten-pin on the 12th ball. [JAM 1/27/2013]

World Series of Bowling
    Cheetah - Bill O'Neill defeated Mike Wolfe 243-192
    Viper - Brad Angelo defeated Mika Koivuniemi 233-232
    Chameleon - Scott Norton defeated Jason Belmonte 227-223
    Scorpion - Tom Daugherty defeated Osku Palermaa 200-182
    PBA World Championship - Parker Bohn III won four straight stepladder games including the final over Jason Belmonte 254-227 [JAM 11/11/2012]

U.S. Women's Open - Kelly Kulick defeated Missy Parkin 170-160.  [JAM 6/28/2012]

USBC Queens - Diandra Asbaty shot 233-270-244 to win her first major title by defeating Liz Johnson, Stephanie Nation and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard.  Defending champion Missy Parkin finished in 6th place. [JAM 4/24/2012]

Tournament of Champions - Sean Rash defeated lefty Ryan Ciminelli 239-205 to win the final major and last tournament of a short PBA season.  Rash averaged 238+ over 56 games to lead both the Elite qualifiers and the Match Play rounds.  Rash ended the season that started with his domination of the oil rounds leading to the World Championship that was bowled in November but not televised on ESPN until Spring 2012.  Although he did not win an oil title, Rash was top qualifier in the Viper and Scorpion as well as second in the Chameleon and Shark leading to a top qualifying average of 234+ in the World Championship.  With his early performance and final domination of this major tournament, Rash deserves consideration for Bowler of the Year. [JAM 4/18/2012]

Dick Weber Playoffs - Norm Duke easily won this elimination tournament.  He dominated the field with a 246 average over 24 games.  In the finals, Duke shot 790 defeating Parker Bohn III (631) and Martin Larsen (618).

Detroit Open - Norm Duke defeated Mika Koivuniemi 266-217 in a short, two-day event. [JAM 3/11/2012]

U.S. Open - Pete Weber defeated Mike Fagan 215-214 with a fill-strike in the tenth frame.  Weber came from the fourth seed to the final match to win his record fifth U.S. Open title.  Local favorite Missy Parkin became the first woman to qualify for the match play rounds.  Missy average 203 for 50 games and finished 21st on the most difficult lane conditions of the season. [JAM 2/26/2012]

Ricart Ford Open - Scott Newell defeated Ryan Ciminelli 247-245 in this short, two-day tournament in Columbus, Ohio.  Newell moved from 17th place with the help of a 300 game in the first round of match play.  Ciminelli had a perfect game in the second round.  Local California favorite Scott Norton finished in 13th place with a 222 average.  In a short PBA season, this tournament was the shortest with just a nine-game qualifying round for 102 entrants. [JAM 2/19/2012]

USBC Masters - Mike Fagan defeated Chris Barnes 236-213 in a rematch from the bracket finals to win his first major title.  Local favorite and reigning USBC Queens champion, Missy Parkin was the only female bowler to qualify for the bracket matches.  Missy won her first three matches against the men but was eventually eliminated by fourth place finisher Dan MacLelland. [JAM 1/29/2012]

Cheetah Open - Eugene McCune defeated Pete Weber 245-229 to win the tournament at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley, California.  An average of 241 for nine ganes was required to make round of 24.  McCune averaged 253 through 22 games to be #1 seed for the final game.  Weber averaged 249 but defeated Josh Blanchard (250 average) and Norm Duke (254 average) to qualify for the final match.  There were 22 perfect 300 games in the tournament.  Obviously, the Cheetah oil pattern is too easy for these professionals. [JAM 1/22/2012]

Mr. Bowling - Don Carter died on January 5, 2012.

World Bowling Tour - Mika Koivuniemi defeated Sean Rash 237-224 and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard defeated Sandra Andersson 207-162 to win their respective inaugural world titles. [JAM 12/4/2011]

PBA World Championship - Osku Palermaa of Finland defeated Ryan Shafer 203-177 in the tape delayed final - bowled on November 19, 2011.

World Series of Bowling - (Chameleon) Jason Belmonte defeated Sean Rash 268-191.
                                         (Scorpion) Dom Barrett from England defeated Sean Rash 247-204.
                                         (Shark) Chris Barnes bowled a perfect 300 in Round 2 and then lost to Jason Belmonte in the final round 243-213.
                                         (Viper) Stuart Williams from England defeated Ildemaro Ruiz from Venezuela 246-201. [JAM 11/19/2011]

USBC Senior Masters - Dale Traber defeated Walter Ray Williams Jr. 707-695 to win this major senior tournament.  Wayne Webb was third. [JAM 8/5/2011]

U.S. Women's Open - Under unusually high scoring conditions during qualifying for a U.S. Open, Leanne Hulsenberg (formerly Barrette) defeated number-one seed Kelly Kulick 218 to 183 on finals lanes erected in the middle of Cowboy Stadium.  Kulick averaged 241.35 during qualifying.  Lynda Barnes was the star of the televised finals shooting 268-259-246.  However, Barnes finished third when she lost the third game by one pin with an eight count on her tenth frame fill.  The reigning USBC Queens champion, Missy Parkin finished tied for 20th in the tournament with a 224 average. [JAM 6/30/2011]

USBC Queens - Missy Parkin (nee Melissa Bellinder) won her first major women's title in this very difficult USBC format.  She defeated Kim Terrell-Kearny 235-172 and then, in a rematch from the night before, outscored Elysia Current 214-189 with an exceptional performance. [JAM 4/27/2011]

Dick Weber Playoffs - Dick (formerly Richie) Allen defeated Chris Barnes in the two-game final match 237-221 to 218-193.  Barnes left back-to-back 7-10 splits in the final game.  Randy Weiss finished third after being eliminated in the first game.  This tournament started on March 9, 2011.  The three finalists had to wait over a month to complete the television finals for this season-ending tournament. [JAM 4/17/2011]

Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship - Jason Couch defeated Parker Bohn III using plastic bowling balls 219-175.  Southern California bowler Scott Norton fell from fourth to tenth place in the last three games of match play. [JAM 3/6/2011]

U.S. Open - Norm Duke threw four straight strikes after a solid eight-pin in the eighth frame to shoot 225.  Mika Koivuniemi missed the ten-pin spare in the tenth frame to shoot 216 and lose.  Duke won his second U.S. Open and seventh major title.  The victory tied Duke with Mark Roth for fourth place on the all-time list with 34 PBA tournament wins. [JAM 2/27/2011]

USBC Masters - Rookie Tom Hess from Iowa won his first PBA tournament by outlasting Jack Jurek 225-214.  Jurek left weak splits in the eighth and ninth frames to erase a commanding lead.  Jurek has averaged 236 through six qualifying matches and had defeated Hess 668-583 on Friday night. [JAM 2/13/2011]

Earl Anthony Memorial Classic - Lefty Ryan Ciminelli of Cheektowaga, New York won his first PBA title by defeating Patrick Allen 237-215.  Allen had outscored Tommy Jones and the great Pete Weber to reach the finals.  Mika Koivuniemi missed the television show by one pin.  Scott Norton finished 47th in qualifying.  [JAM 1/30/2011]

Tournament of Champions - Mika Koivuniemi from Finland swept three matches to win his third major tournament.  He defeated Andres Gomez of Colombia 224-220 and then defeated Tom Daugherty of Florida 299-100.  Mika left the ten pin on a light hit on the last ball.  Daugherty, in his first television appearance, left eight splits to set a low game record for professionals.  There were no spares in the second match.  Mika easily outscored Thomas Smallwood in the final game 269-207.  Local favorites Scott Norton and Missy Parkin finished 54th and 71st, respectively.  Norton missed the cashers cut by one pin.  [JAM 1/22/2011]

World Championship - Chris Barnes swept four straight matches to win the tournament.  He defeated Bill O'Neill 267-237 in the finals.  Although the tournament is billed as a "major," the format causes a four-month gap between qualifying and the stepladder finals.  Eight bowlers were seeded from the combined pinfall of the five WSOP oil-pattern championships that occurred in September/October 2010.  [JAM 1/16/2011]

WSOB - Chameleon Championship - Rookie Scott Norton of Costa Mesa, California defeated Sean Rash 256-181 in Las Vegas, Nevada to win his first PBA tournament.  Norton is a graduate of the Southern California Junior Amateur Tour.  His mother, Virginia (Park) Norton is also a professional bowler.  Mr. Norton averaged 226+ over 22 games. [JAM 11/6/2010]

WSOB - Cheetah Championship - Eugene McCune defeated Norm Duke 238-237. [JAM 11/6/2010]

WSOB - Viper Championship - Bill O'Neill defeated Andres Gomez of Colombia 236-203. [JAM 11/6/2010]

WSOB - Scorpion Championship - Yong-Jin Gu of South Korea defeated Jun-Yung Kim of South Korea 236-224 in spite of missing a single-pin spare in the ninth frame. [JAM 11/6/2010]

WSOB - Shark Championship - Osku Palermaa of Finland defeated Dan MacLelland of Canada 173-149 in a match with six open frames and just one double by Patermaa. [JAM 11/6/2010]

U.S. Women's Open - Kelly Kulick won her third major tournament of the year by defeating top-seed Liz Johnson 233-203. [JAM 5/12/2010]

USBC Queens - Kelly Kulick won her second major tournament of the year by defeating qualifying-leader Tennelle Milligan 232-188.  Kulick won four straight matches to climb the ladder.  Missy Bellinder of Fullerton, California had a big lead on Kulick in the second match but left a pocket 7-10 in the tenth frame to lose 220-212. [JAM 4/28/2010]

Marathon Open - Pete Weber won his 35th PBA tournament by defeating robotic lefty Mike Scroggins 268-224.  The tournament is the most grueling of the season as the bowlers must perform well for 53 games on seven different oil patterns to qualify for the finals.  Weber's victory moves him into third place for all-time PBA victories behind Walter (Player-of-the-Year) Ray Williams, Jr. and the late-great Earl Anthony (1938-2001).  [JAM 4/4/2010]

Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship - Local favorite Brian Ziesig and two-handed Aussie, Jason Belmonte both punched in the tenth frame for a 247-247 tie.  Ziesig won the one-ball roll-off when Belmonte stuck a solid seven-pin.  The final shot by Ziesig was a light-pocket hit that barely tripped the ten-pin.  Walter Ray Williams, Jr. finished in third place. The Johnny Petraglias, Junior and Senior both made the 32-man finals.  Belmonte had three perfect 300 games and two 299 in the qualifying rounds. [JAM 3/28/2010]

Match Play Championship - Brian Kretzer of Dayton, Ohio defeated Patrick Allen 629-566 in the unusual three-game, match-play format (March Madness Bracket Seedings) under very difficult oil conditions in Norwich, Connecticut.  Lefty Ryan Ciminelli bowled an embarrassing 128 game in the semi-finals.  This was the first PBA victory for Kretzer in 168 tournaments. [JAM 3/21/2010]

Don Johnson Eliminator - Lefty Mike Scroggins defeated local favorite Brian Kretzer 206-195 in the unusual eliminator format in Columbus, Ohio.  Finish superstar and two-handed bowler, Osku Palermaa finished in after leading the first round. [JAM 3/7/2010]

U.S. Open - Bill O'Neill from Southhampton, Pennsylvania won his first major tournament by defeating defending champion Mike Scroggins 267-207.  Tommy Jones finished third and Jason Couch finished fourth.  All-time champ Walter Ray Williams, Jr. missed the finals when he was unable to get a seven-count on his last ball.  With six pins on the last shot, WRW tied Norm Duke in the position round 201-201 allowing Couch to move from seventh to fourth place. 

USBC Masters - Horseshoe champ Walter Ray Williams, Jr. defeated top seed Chris Barnes 290-217 to win his eighth major tournament and his all-time PBA record of 47 tournament wins. [JAM 2/14/2010]

Dick Weber Open - Michael Fagan of Patchogue, New York won his first PBA singles title by defeating 50-year-old Walter Ray Williams, Jr. 241-213.  Dick Weber's son, Pete finished third in the tournament.  The highest female finisher was Californian Missy Bellinder who cashed in 42nd place.  [JAM 1/31/2010]

Tournament of Champions - Kelly Kulick became the first woman to win a national PBA tournament when she easily defeated Chris Barnes 265-195 at the Red Rock Lanes in Summerlin, Nevada.  Kulick won $40,000 and a two-year exemption on the tour. [JAM 1/27/2010]

Earl Anthony Memorial Classic - Stefanie Nation and rookie Anthony LaCaze won the first tournament of the twenty-teens.  Bowling in Dublin, California on lanes with very a difficult oil pattern, Nation defeated Lynda (Ms. Chris) Barnes 201-181 and, LaCaze outlasted Mike Machuga 216-204 when Machuga stuck a solid ten on his second ball in the tenth. [JAM 1/17/2010]

PBA World Championship - In the first "major" tournament of the professional (men's) bowling "season", unemployed Detroit autoworker, Tom Smallwood defeated big Wes Malott 244-228 to win his first PBA title. [JAM 12/13/2009]

PBA Women's Series Showdown  - Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas won the first women's showdown.  The tournament featured the very strange Petraglia Scoring System for the first (and hopefully last) time.  At one point, Carolyn had 20 consecutive strikes which is a PBA record for television.  Her winning score was 11.  Local favorite Missy Bellinder of Fullerton, California finished in fifth place. [JAM 4/12/2009]

U.S. Open - Lefty Mike Scroggins of Amarillo, Texas won the 66th Open by defeating Chris Barnes 200-199, and then defending champ Norm Duke 191-173 in the finale.  Conditions were very difficult with heavy oil and heavy pins.  First-cut qualifiers needed to average just 197 to get a paycheck.  Barnes was the best bowler out there but got stung by a solid eight-pin in the tenth frame.  Duke had two splits and no doubles in his game.  Richard Wolfe was fourth, losing 243-240 to Barnes in the best match of the finals.  Amleto Monacelli of Venezuela finished fifth. [JAM 4/5/2009]

Long Island Classic - Two-handed, Australian bowler, Jason Belmonte won his first PBA tournament by outscoring his best friend, Michael Fagan 215-201.  Belmonte also had the only 300 game of the tournament in qualifying rounds. [JAM 3/29/2009]

Match Play Championship
- Chris Barnes defeated Walter Ray Williams, Jr. 722-693 to win his 12th career title in Norwich, Connecticut.  The format put 64 bowlers in brackets similar to the NCAA Basketball "March Madness." [JAM 3/22/2009]

Don Johnson Eliminator - Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas outscored Mika Koivuniemi 258-172 in the annual "eliminator-format" tournament.  The contest is named for the guy-in-the-plaid-pants from Kokomo, Indiana.  Johnson (1940-2003) won 26 pro tournaments in the 1960s and 1970s. [JAM 3/8/2009] 

Marathon Open - Wes Malott of Argyle, Texas defeated Ronnie Russell 248-195 in the first pro bowling marathon.  Players bowled 54 games in three days on six different oil patterns.  Although Malott won the "Marathon Open," the real marathoners (with sore fingers) are Chris Barnes and Pete Weber who qualified for the television finals two weeks in a row competing in both "extreme" events.  Malott skipped the plastic ball tournament. [JAM 3/1/2009]

Plastic Ball Championship - Jeff Carter of Springfield, Illinois won the first-ever, plastic-ball tournament by defeating Pete Weber 235-213.  The format called for 64 professionals to use identical plastic balls that never leave the bowling alley in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  The tournament featured an amazing performance by third-place finisher, Chris Barnes.  In three qualifying matches on Friday, Barnes rolled 260-258-279 (797); 290-279-259 (828); 279-279-279 (837) to cruise through the matches with a 273 average (first three games of each block) and a 249 average for the tournament.  This was the first PBA win for Carter who holds the all-time, sanctioned, single-season league average - 261 (phenomenal!).  The high scoring in this tournament proves my theory that it is not the equipment, it is the bowler.  The current group of professionals are the greatest who have ever bowled. [JAM 2/24/2009]

2009 USBC Masters
- John Nolen of Waterford, Michigan won the 58th bowling Masters tournament (formerly ABC Masters) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nolen defeated Danny Wiseman 202-193 in the final game of the grueling 64-bowler match-play format.  Nolen was also the 15-game qualifying leader with a 228 average.  The United States Bowling Congress conducted the arena-style tournament in its usually professional manner.  However, the reporting of results to bowling fans was inadequate compared to the standard set by  Results for five-game qualifying blocks were not available on-line for several hours after squads started.  Individual game scores were not reported. [JAM 2/15/2009]