Los Angeles Lakers (4-2) - defeated the Miami Heat in the Orlando bubble.  [JAM 10/11/2020]

Toronto Raptors (4-3) - defeated Golden State Warriors. [JAM 6/28/2019]

Cleveland Cavaliers (4-3) - defeated Golden State Warriors who had a 73-9 regular-season record.  [JAM 6/19/2016]

Los Angeles Lakers (17-65) - Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in the final game of his career to lead the Lakers to a come-from-behind victory.  The team finished with their worst record ever.  The prospect for 2017 is not much better.  [JAM 4/13/2016]

Golden State Warriors (4-2) - defeated Cleveland Cavaliers [JAM 6/17/2015]

San Antonio Spurs (4-1) - defeated Miami Heat. [JAM 6/16/2014]

Los Angeles Lakers - don't ask.  [JAM 6/16/2014]

Miami Heat (4-3) - Miami defeated San Antonio 95-88 in the seventh game to repeat as NBA champs.  Lebron James led them with 37 points. [JAM 6/20/2013]

Los Angeles Lakers (0-4) - Without Kobe Bryant in the lineup, the Lakers were not a competitive playoff team. [JAM 4/28/2013]

Los Angeles Lakers (45-37) - With many injuries to key players, the Lakers barely claimed the 7th playoff spot in the West.  It is expected that they will be eliminated in the first round without their leader, Kobe Bryant who tore his Achilles tendon in game 80.  Bryant had another excellent season but may never return to all-star form. [JAM 4/17/2013]

Miami Heat (4-1) defeated Oklahoma City. [JAM 6/22/2012]

Los Angeles Lakers (5-7) - The Lakers blew big fourth-quarter leads in games 2 and 4 to a younger and better-disciplined team.  Although Kobe averaged 30+ points, the Lakers ended the season as a team in disarray.  Andrew Bynum does not seem to care about anything and he rarely gives a good effort for a full game.  Pau Gasol knows that management wants to trade him and is just waiting for it to happen.  Laker fans can expect many off-season changes for this team. [JAM 5/22/2012]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-3) - The Lakers barely survived in round one of the playoffs as they were out-hustled by Denver.  The return of Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest) from his seven-game suspension was likely the deciding factor as the team played excellent defense in game seven. [JAM 5/15/2012]

Los Angeles Lakers (41-25) - won division by one game over Clippers.  Kobe finished second in league in scoring at 27.9 ppg.  First round playoff opponent is Denver. [JAM 4/29/2012]

Dallas Mavericks (4-2) - Dirk Nowitski outplayed the great Lebron James as the Mavericks won their first NBA title. [JAM 6/13/2011]

Miami vs. Dallas [5/26/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-6) - Done. [JAM 5/8/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-5) - Another fourth quarter collapse.  Lakers are done.  [JAM 5/6/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-4) - By losing two straight at home, the Lakers have dug themselves a deep, dark hole. [JAM 5/5/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-3) - Kobe never misses the game-winning shot but he did this time.  In spite of his 36 points, the Lakers blew a 16-point third-quarter lead and then failed to hold a five-point lead in the last two minutes. [JAM 5/3/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-2) - The Laker defense dominated the game holding the Hornets to a 43% field goal percentage and outrebounding them 43 to 30.  Bryant led the Lakers with 24 points. [JAM 4/28/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (3-2) - Playing with a recently-twisted ankle, Bryant ignited a third-quarter rally to give the team the lead to stay.  Bryant scored 19 and Bynum had 18 points with 10 rebounds.  The key to the game was Laker rebounding.  They led 42-25 overall and 15-3 on the offensive boards. [JAM 4/26/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-2) - Bryant was held scoreless on the first half.  He scored 12 in the second half but twisted an ankle in the last two minutes of the game.  Gasol and Artest each scored 16 but the Lakers, with a larger front line, were out-rebounded 39 to 32 in the game. [JAM 4/24/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-1) - Gasol woke up and scored seven of his 17 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter to give the team a lead they never lost.  Bryant led all scorers with 30 points including four big three-pointers.  Bynum and Odom added 14 and 13 points, respectively. [JAM 4/22/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (1-1) - In a tough, defensive struggle, Center Bynum led the team with 17 points and 11 rebounds.  Odom made 16 points off the bench.  Artest scored 15 including a clutch three-pointer at the end of the game.  Bryant scored just 11 points but was in charge during the fourth quarter. [JAM 4/20/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (0-1) - The Lakers were outplayed by New Orleans led by Chris Paul who had 33 points and 14 assists.  Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 34 points but Pau Gasol had a terrible game hitting just two of nine shots.  [JAM 4/17/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (57-25) - The Lakers won the Pacific Division again.  However, a late-season losing streak caused them to lose the home court advantage in the playoffs to Chicago (62-20), San Antonio (61-21) and Miami (58-24).  [JAM 4/14/2011]

Los Angeles Lakers (16-7) - The Lakers won their second consecutive title and16th overall in an ugly, defensive struggle in which the team shot only 32% and missed 12 free throws.  In spite of terrible shooting, the Lakers out-rebounded the Celtics 66-46.  Bryant had 23 and 15 rebounds but missed 18 of 24 shots.  Artest played his best game with five steals and 20 points including a last-minute three-point goal.  Gasol had 19 points and 18 rebounds.  Vujacic hit two crucial free throws with thirteen seconds remaining on the clock.  It was ugly but a win is a win. [JAM 6/17/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (15-7) - The Lakers dominated every phase of the game to tie the series at 3-3.  Bryant scored 26 points with 11 rebounds and four steals.  Gasol had 17 points with 13 rebounds and nine assists.  Artest had 15 points and Odom had 10 rebounds. [JAM 6/15/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (14-7) - Although Bryant scored 38 points, the terrible Laker defense allowed Boston so many open shots that they hit 56% of them.  Bryant's teammates shot an abysmal 35% and missed eight free throws in a thoroughly forgettable performance.  Bryant was the only Laker on the floor who looked like he was playing in a world championship game. [JAM 6/13/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (14-6) - After leading for three quarters, the Lakers were again out-hustled and out-rebounded in the fourth quarter allowing Boston to tie the series at 2-2.  Bryant scored 33 and Gasol scored 21. [JAM 6/10/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (14-5) - Inconsistent Ray Allen missed all 13 of the shots he took and scored 30 fewer points as the Lakers held a first-quarter lead throughout the game.  Bryant scored 29 points and Bynum & Gasol controlled the boards. [JAM 6/7/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (13-5) - Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics had eight three-pointers and 32 points but the Lakers tied the game in the third quarter.  Gasol had 25 points.  Bryant and Bynum had 21 points each.  Lakers were out-rebounded in the game and out-hustled at the end of the fourth quarter.  [JAM 6/6/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (13-4) - The Lakers defense held Boston to 89 points as the Lakers easily won game one of the finals.  Bryant had 30 points.  Gasol scored 23 and led all rebounders with 14 in 46 minutes. [JAM 6/3/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (12-4) - The Lakers won the Western Conference as Bryant scored 37.  The team took a 17-point lead into the fourth quarter but the second unit allowed the Suns to cut the lead to three before Bryant took charge.  Artest came back with a strong game scoring 25 points with four three-pointers.  Odom had 12 rebounds and the Lakers controlled the boards again 41-31.  [JAM 5/29/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (11-4) - Ron Artest rebounded a missed shot by Bryant and scored the winning basket with no time on the clock.  The Lakers had blown a lead they held for four quarters.  Bryant scored 30 with 11 rebounds and nine assists.  Fisher had 22 points, Gasol had 21 and Odom had 17.  The Lakers shot only 42% but controlled the boards 49-40. [JAM 5/27/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (10-4) - Lakers were out-hustled and out-rebounded in the fourth quarter.  Bryant scored 38 but the defense was poor. [JAM 5/25/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (10-3) - The Lakers were unable to penetrate the zone defense and were outscored at the free throw line by 21 points.  Bryant led the team with 36 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds.  Gasol had 23 points and Fisher had 18, all in the first half. [JAM 5/23/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (10-2) - Gasol scored 29 and Bryant scored 21 with 13 assists.  Odom again led all rebounders with 11 and scored 17 points off the bench.  The Lakers shot 58% from the field for the second consecutive game. [JAM 5/19/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (9-2) - Bryant scored 40 and Odom scored 19 with 19 rebounds as the Lakers overwhelmed the Suns in the first game of the Western Conference finals.  The Lakers shot 58% with eight three-pointers. [JAM 5/17/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (8-2) - The Lakers brought their broom to Utah and swept into the Western Conference finals.  Gasol had 33 points and Bryant had 32. [JAM 5/10/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (7-2) - Led by Kobe Bryant's 35 points and some clutch fourth-quarter shooting, the Lakers eked out the win in a game that could have gone either way.  Pau Gasol led all rebounders with 17.  Derek Fisher and Ron Artest had good scoring games with 20 points each. [JAM 5/8/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (6-2) - Again, the Lakers took a big lead to the fourth quarter and the second unit almost blew it.  Kobe and company came back with some clutch play to hold the lead.  Bryant had 30 points and eight assists.  Andrew Bynum scored 17 and had 14 rebounds.  Gasol and Odom each had 15 rebounds.  Although they outrebounded the Jazz 58 to 40, the Lakers had 20 turnovers to negate many of the rebounds. [JAM 5/4/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (5-2) - The Laker second team blew an eight-point lead in the fourth quarter but Kobe Bryant brought them back for the win.  Bryant had 31 points and Pau Gasol had 25.  Derek Fisher played 40 minutes and had five steals including the key turnover with the game on the line in the fourth quarter. [JAM 5/2/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-2) - The Lakers won the series on a last-second shot by Pau Gasol.  Kobe Bryant kept the team in the game with 30 points for three quarters but scored only two points in the fourth quarter.  Lakers had 15 turnovers by shot 12-24 from the three-point area.  [JAM 4/30/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (3-2) - The Lakers returned home and dominated OKC in every phase of the game.  The big men, Gasol & Bynum had 25 and 21 points, respectively.  Both also had 11 rebounds.  Bryant scored just 13 points with seven assists but sat out the fourth quarter.  Lakers outshot the opponent 54% to 37%. [JAM 4/27/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-2) - The team came to the game flat and were outplayed in every aspect of the game.  Obviously, they think can can win four at home.  The Lakers looked too old and tired to contend for another championship.  [JAM 4/24/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-1) - The Lakers were out-hustled in the second half by the young OKC team.  Bryant had 24 points without a free throw.  Gasol had 15 rebounds but the team was out-rebounded 53-39  [JAM 4/22/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-0) - In another tough defensive struggle, Bryant scored 39 points and Pau Gasol scored 25 to lead the Lakers.  Although the Lakers had 17 shots blocked, they outrebounded OKC 49-37 to keep possession of the ball.  [JAM 4/20/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (1-0) - With tough defense, the Lakers built a 14-point, first-quarter lead and held it to the end.  Ron Artest put excellent defensive pressure on the OKC star Durant, holding him to seven baskets in 24 tries.  Pao Gasol (13) and Andrew Bynum (12) led all rebounders.  Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 21 points. [JAM 4/18/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (57-25) - The Lakers finished with the best record in the Western Conference again in spite of injuries to key players (Bryant, Gasol and Bynum) during the season. [JAM 4/14/2010]

Los Angeles Lakers (16-7) - The Lakers won the 2009 NBA Championship title in Orlando.  Kobe Bryant scored 30 points.  Pau Gasol led all rebounders with 15.  The Lakers took the lead in the second quarter with 16 unanswered points. [JAM 6/14/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (15-7) - Derek Fisher hit two huge three-pointers at the end of the game.  The first one sent the game into overtime and the second one put the Lakers ahead to stay.  Kobe Bryant led all scorers with 32 points. [JAM 6/11/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (12-6) - Lakers won the western conference championship in Denver.  Kobe Bryant scored 35 points and had ten assists. Lakers hit over 57% of their shots in the final game. [JAM 5/29/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (10-6) - Lakers were out-rebounded 58-40.  Kobe Bryant led all scorers with 34 points. [JAM 5/25/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (10-5) - Kobe Bryant scored 41 points to lead the Lakers to a much-needed road win in Denver.  Lakers trailed after each of the first three quarters but outscored the Nuggets 32-18 in the finale.  Denver stars Anthony and Martin both fouled out in the fourth quarter.  There were five technical fouls in a very physical game. [JAM 5/23/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (9-5) Lakers blew a first-quarter lead and were out-hustled by Denver in the fourth quarter.  Derek Fisher missed a last-second three-pointer that would have tied the game.  Kobe Bryant scored 32 in the loss. [JAM 5/21/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (9-4) - Trevor Ariza stole the ball with 29 seconds remaining and Kobe Bryant made four free throws to win the first game of the Conference Championship.  Bryant had 40 points in the game.  Led by Pau Gasol with 14, the Lakers out-rebounded Denver 46 to 37.  [JAM 5/19/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (8-4) - Pau Gasol led the Lakers to the division championship with 21 points and 18 rebounds.  Kobe Bryant had 14 points. [JAM 5/17/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (7-4) - Again, the Lakers were out-hustled in Houston.  Kobe Bryant scored 32 points in the loss. [JAM 5/14/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (7-3) - Lakers dominated the Rockets in game five.  Kobe Bryant scored 26 points in three quarters of play. [JAM 5/12/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (6-3) - Houston, playing without center Yao Ming, out-rebounded the Lakers 43-37 to tie the series.  Pau Gasol led the Lakers with 30 points and nine rebounds.  Kobe Bryant scored 15 points in 34 minutes. [JAM 5/10/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (6-2) - The Lakers won two of three games in the second round of playoffs with the Houston Rockets.  Kobe Bryant scored 32, 40 and 33 points in the games.  In a very physical series, Derek Fisher was suspended for one game after a flagrant foul in the second game.  Jordan Farmer had seven assists and 12 points in 32 minutes replacing Fisher in the third game.  [JAM 5/9/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (4-1) - The Lakers built a 19-point lead through three quarters then held on to the lead in the fourth quarter marred by technical fouls and the ejection of Utah coach, Jerry Sloan.  Kobe Bryant led the way with 31 points.  Lamar Odom played another excellent game with 26 points and 15 rebounds.  Pau Gasol had 17 points and 11 rebounds. [JAM 4/27/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (3-1) - Kobe Bryant hit 16 of 24 shots for 38 points to take control of the series.  The Lakers outscored Utah 68-44 in the crucial second and third quarters.  Lamar Odom replaced Andrew Bynum in the starting lineup with 15 rebounds and ten points. [JAM 4/26/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-1) - In a sloppy game, the Lakers blew a 13-point, third-quarter lead as Kobe Bryant missed 19 of 24 shots scoring only 18.  Lamar Odom led the team with 21 points and Pau Gasol had 20. [JAM 4/23/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (2-0) - The Lakers scored 41 points in the first quarter and held the lead as seven players scored ten points or better.  LA again outshot Utah 60-49%.  Kobe Bryant led the team with 26 points and nine assists. [JAM 4/22/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (1-0) - The Lakers dominated the Utah Jazz 62-40 in the first half and then cruised to a 13-point victory in the first game of the playoffs.  Kobe Bryant led the way with 24 points and eight assists.  Tony Ariza scored 21 points and Pau Gasol had 20 points with nine rebounds.  Reserve guard, Shannon Brown hit three three-pointers in three tries.  The Lakers outshot the Jazz 55-39%. [JAM 4/19/2009]

Los Angeles Lakers (65-17) - The Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz 125-112 to finish the season with the best record in the Western Conference.  Los Angeles will have the home court advantage throughout the playoffs unless they meet the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Championship Series. [JAM 4/15/2009]