Absurd Trivia

When you enter the name "Mark Roth"  [professional bowler]  into the Search-o-Meter of Totally Mad, the software will take you to a Frank Jacobs joke about author Philip Roth in Mad #174.

"Coca-Cola" translates to "bite the wax tadpole" in Chinese. [Dave Barry's Greatest Hits]

Special Weathergirl Section
The first blow dryer was invented by Alexander Godefoy in France in 1890.  The handheld, household hair-dryer first appeared in 1920. [JAM & RGD & Wikipedia - 9/6/2010]


[Reader beware!  The following stuff was written many years ago before I was married and gainfully employed.  JAM 11/7/2009]

There are no ocelots in Kuwait. [JAM archive]

A flotilla is not a plastic taco. [JAM archive]

Final Exam: History of Human Knowledge
1.  Make a sentence using these three words: arthropod, erg, clavicle.
2.  Convert pi to base seven.
3.  Write a 500-word essay on the wit and wisdom of Max Rafferty in braille.
4.  Reproduce from memory the chemical diagram of one molecule of Compound W.
5.  Write a short story in the style that Norman Mailer would have used if he had been born in 12th century Afghanistan.
6.  List the childhood diseases suffered by the first 20 Presidents of the United States.
7.  Convert 37 foot-pounds into parsec-micrograms.
8.  If your brother-in-law's aunt marries your second cousin's step father, what term is used to describe their children's relationship to you?
9.  Explain how the course of history would have been changed if Adolf Hitler had been born with a hare lip.
10. Discuss the similarities among "The Toughts of Chairman Mao," the California divorce laws and the Audubon Society's pamphlet on endangered water fowl.
11. What type of rock formation resembles a Burmese recipe for sea anemone stew when immersed in lighter fluid and help up to the neon sign above Jimbo's Archery Lanes and Pro Shop in Montebello?
12. Create a crossword puzzle utilizing every word in "The Brothers Karamazov" at least once.
13. What is truth?
[JAM circa November 1972]