Slow News Day

(1/23/2012) "Warren Buffet serenades China with ukelele." [The Raw Story]
(12/8/2011) "Jessica Simpson Lawsuit: Singer Sued for Gaining Weight" [Huffpost Celebrity]
(10/18/2011) "Letter 'G' goes missing at Scrabble championship" [in Warsaw Poland] [Yahoo! News]
(9/12/2011) "[Are] Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson fighting?" [Aol.]
(8/3/2011) "Portraits of Hitler's parents found" [HuffPost Aol.News]
(6/27/2011) "No stylist for fashion-forward Kate ..." [Daily Mail]
(6/11/2011) "Woods' caddie on Scott's bag at US Open." [Yahoo! Sports]
(4/21/2011) "Wet, salty cat found in NYC." [Associated Press]
(4/19/2011) "CIA declassifies documents for secret ink recipes" [AFP]
(3/30/2011) "Prince William and Kate Pez dispensers to be auctioned." [ABC World News]
(3/21/2011) "Actresses sport same dress." [omg!]
(3/21/2011) "Sumo wrestler becomes heaviest man to ever finish marathon." [Yahoo! Sports]
(3/8/2011) "Toddler Breaks Oscar Statue" [Yahoo!]
(1/29/2011) "California woman sues P. Diddy for $1 trillion." []
(1/26/2011) "Rep. Dennis Kucinich sues cafeteria over olive pit in sandwich." [Yahoo! News]
(1/14/2011) "Young Japanese men are losing interest in sex." [Agence France-Pr(esse]
(1/2/2011) "Actress denies dating John Mayer." [Aol. Pop Eater]
(12/13/2010) "Rosie O'Donnell says Oprah Winfrey is not gay" [ABC News]
(12/11/2010) "Chris Rock calms pregnant woman after her water breaks at mall." [omg! from Yahoo!]
(11/28/2010) "Brad and Angelina take daughters shopping in Paris." [HuffPost Entertainment]
(11/24/2010) "Actress goes on spending spree." [omg! from Yahoo!]
(11/23/2010) "Flying snakes' secret revealed." [Yahoo! News]
(11/6/2010) "Fur flies over ruling on Hello Kitty rabbit." [Yahoo! News]
(10/23/2010) "Liberace museum closes." [msn]
(10/10/2010) "Donny Osmond celebrates 10-10-10 with newly engaged couples in Vegas." [Google news]
(10/7/2010) "The world auction record for a Barbie is $17,091, set in 2006 at Christie's London." [Associated Press in Los Angeles Times]
(10/5/2010) "Hush! Frito-Lay to pull most noisy SunChips bags." [Yahoo! News]
(9/29/2010) "Reality host crowns wrong winner." [Aol. TV Squad]
(9/27/2010) "Disney, Muslim worker agree on scarf substitute." [Yahoo! News]
(9/25/2010) "Neo-Nazi couple find out they're Jewish." [Aol.]
(9/22/2010) "Paris Hilton denied entry into Japan." [Aol. PopEater and omg! from Yahoo!]
(9/20/2010) "Bedbugs shut down Nike store." [Yahoo! News]
(9/19/2010) "Man has world's longest nose." [AolNews.]
(9/18/2010) "Saucy Bratz dolls make a comeback" [Los Angeles Times]
(9/16/2010) "Apple rule shift helps app makers tap iPhone." [Los Angeles Times]   (What?)
(9/16/2010) "Wynonna Judd drops 60 pounds." [Y! Music]
(9/10/2010) "Five reasons guys don't call." [Shine from Yahoo!]
(9/9/2010) "Vermont upset over syrup." [Yahoo! Finance]
(9/8/2010) "Many Americans don't even know they're fat." [Yahoo! News]
(9/7/2010) "Rihanna shows off fake tattoo." [omg! from Yahoo!]
(9/6/2010) "Death by vuvuzela? It could happen." [AolNews.]
(9/5/2010) "Man turns laptop into a skateboard" [Aol.}
(9/4/2010) "Problem clams reach New York" [Los Angeles Times]
(9/3/2010) "Kat Von D& Jesse James go public with relationship." [omg! from Yahoo!]
(9/2/2010) "Sly, Rice, Alley danced away from DWTS" []
(9/1/2010) "L.A. parks officials want to take over golf cart rentals" [Los Angeles Times]
(8/31/2010) "Jonas Brothers play softball in New York." [Aol.]
(8/30/2010) "Chuck Liddell shaves iconic mohawk for charity" [Yahoo! Sports](9