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1896Life - Harvard Lampoon

1911Life - Harvard Lampoon

1912Saturday Evening Post - Harvard Lampoon

1913Ladies Home Journal - Columbia Jester

1917Vanity Fair - Harvard Lampoon

1919Cosmopolitan - Harvard Lampoon; Police Gazette - Columbia Jester

1920Popular Mechanics - Harvard Lampoon; Saturday Evening Jester (Saturday Evening Post) - Columbia Jester

1921Lampy's Home Journal (Ladies Home Journal) - Harvard Lampoon

1923Town and Country - Harvard Lampoon

1924Newer Republic (New Republic) - Harvard Advocate; St. Nicholas - Harvard Lampoon; Vague (Vogue) - Ohio State Sundial

1925Literary Digest - Harvard Lampoon

1926Photoplay - Harvard Lampoon; Saturday Evening Post - Judge; Vanity Fair - Judge; Vanity Fair - Stanford Chaparral

1927Film Fun - Yale Record; Ladies Home Journal - Judge; Wonder Book - Harvard Lampoon

1928American Mercury - Northwestern Purple Parrot; New Yorker - Harvard Lampoon; Time - Annapolis; Time - Penn State Froth;Time - Yale Record

1929Child Life - Northwestern Purple Parrot; The Sportsman - Harvard Lampoon; True Story - Judge

1930True Love Confessions (True Confessions) - Stanford Chaparral

1931Liberty Weekly for Nobody (Liberty) - Harvard Lampoon; Paunch (Punch) - The New Yorker; Vanity Fair - MIT Voo Doo

1932Time - Harvard Advocate

1933Fortune - Harvard Lampoon; Vanity Fair - Yale Record

1935Esquire - Harvard Lampoon

1936Saturday Evening Post - Harvard Lampoon

1937Cosmopolitan - Harvard Lampoon; Strife (Life) - Missouri Showme

1938Vogue - Harvard Lampoon

1939New Yorker - Harvard Lampoon; Police Gazette - Columbia Jester; Time - MIT Voo Doo

1940Lampy's Home Journal (Ladies Home Journal) - Harvard Lampoon

1941New Yorker - Duke; Time - Harvard Lampoon

1942New Yorker - Northwestern Purple Parrot; Slime (Time) - Missouri Showme; Time and a Half for Overtime (Time) - Sir Brown

1943Like (Time) - Stanford Chaparral; Reader's Digest - Yale Record

1945Chappie (Esquire) - Stanford Chaparral; Fortune - Columbia Jester; Harper's Bazaar - MIT Voo Doo; Tame (Time) - ?

1947Newsweek - Harvard Lampoon; New Yoiker (New Yorker) - Ohio State Sundial; Noo Yawker (New Yorker) - Penn State Froth; Tyme (Time) - California Pelican

1948Jacko (Time) - Dartmouth; Liff (Life) - Columbia Jester; New Yorker - Harvard Lampoon; Tyme - Ohio State Sundial

1949Dook (Look) - Duke; Logsquire (Esquire) - USNA; Reader's Dijest (Reader's Digest) - Columbia Jester; Timf (Time) - Wisconsin Octopus; Vague (Vogue) - Stanford Chaparral

1950Fangsquire (Esquire) - Occidental College; Fawchun (Fortune) - Stanford Chaparral; Old Yorker (New Yorker) - Wisconsin Octopus; Punch - Harvard Lampoon; Saturday Evening Most (Saturday Evening Post) - Penn State Froth; Saturday Evening Pest (Saturday Evening Post) - Illinois Chaff; Saturday Evening Pest (Saturday Evening Post) - Missouri Showme

1951Esqueer (Esquire) - Illinois Chaff; Esqueer (Esquire) - Penn State Froth; Flare (Flair) - Wisconsin Octopus; Laddies Home Journal (Ladies Home Journal) - Columbia Jester; Ladies Prone Journal (Ladies Home Journal) - Stanford Chaparral; Parody Squire (Esquire) - Syracuse Syracusan; Sexquire (Esquire) - Pittsburgh Panther; Smut (True) - Yale Record; Tiem (Time) - Cornell Widow; True Conceptions (True Confessions) - Syracuse Syracusan

1952Collera's (Collier's) - Illinois Chaff; Esquirk (Esquire) - Northwestern Profile; Lite (Life) - Stanford Chaparral; Modern Screem (Modern Screen) - Green Gander; Succulent Screen (Modern Screen) - Illinois Chaff; Tide (Time) - Alabama

1953Liff (Life) - Wisconsin Octopus; Maudlin Screen (Modern Screen) - Stanford Chaparral; Modern Spleen (Modern Screen) - Penn State Froth; Slime (Time) - Davidson; Tilt (Time) - Michigan State

1954Esqwire (Esquire) - Ohio State Sundial; Madmoiselle (Mademoiselle) - Wisconsin Octopus; New Yawker (New Yorker) - Pennpix; N*w Y*rk*r (New Yorker) - Punch; Sanitary Review (Saturday Review) - Columbia Jester; Tale (Male) - Yale Record

1955Beaver (Playboy) - Beaver Dam; Esquirt (Esquire) - Yale Record; Look! (Look) - Cornell Widow; Lurk (Look) - Stanford Chaparral; Placebo (Playboy) - Prince Tiger; Playgirl (Playboy) - Arizona; Rime (Time) - Penn State Froth; Saturday Evening Pile (Saturday Evening Post) - Stanford Chaparral

1956Gayboy (Playboy) - Tulane Urchin; Li_e (Life) - Stanford Chaparral); Newsweek - Harvard Lampoon; New Yukker (New Yorker) - Washington Columns; Nouveau Youkeur (New Yorker) - Yale Record; Playbeaver (Playboy) - Babson Beaver; Playbouy (Playboy) - Purdue Rivet, Playbull (Playboy) - Indiana; Playgirl (Playboy) - Penn State Froth; Playgirl (Playboy) - Texas Ranger; Plowboy (Playboy) - Michigan Gargoyle; Sports Illustrated - Ohio State Sundial; Tum (Time) - Wisconsin Octopus

1957Dam (Mad) - Syracuse Syracusan; Hodilay (Holiday) - Stanford Chaparral; Like (Life) - Purdue Rivet; Play Boy (Playboy) - Cornell Widow; Plowboy (Playboy) - Bannister; Saturday Evening Pest (Saturday Evening Post) - Pennsylvania Highball; Sporty Illustrations (Sports Illustrated) - Trump

1958Home And Garden (Better Homes & Gardens) - Humbug; Payboy (Playboy) - Illinois Chaff; Pla_boy (Playboy) - Ohio Green Goat; Ployboy (Playboy) - Yale Record; Pseudo Scientific American (Scientific American) - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Saturday Evening Lost (Saturday Evening Post ) - California Pelican; Sports Frustrated (Sports Illustrated) - Stanford Chaparral; Time - Cornell Widow

1959BAD (MAD) - Crazy Magazine, Charlton; Blayboy (Playboy) - Wisconsin Octopus; Ladies Home Joyful (Ladies Home Journal) - USMA Pointer; The New Yawker (New Yorker) - Ohio State Sundial; Peelboy (Playboy) - Florida Orange Peel; Playbouy (Playboy) - Annapolis Logsplitter; Reader's Digress (Reader's Digest) - Cornell Widow; SMAD (MAD) - Katy Keene Pin-Up Parade; Sports Illiterate (Sports Illustrated) - Yale Record; Tube (True) - Stanford Chaparral

1960The New Yakker (New Yorker) - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Payboy (Playboy) - NYU Vulture; Readers Digestion (Readers Digest) - Yale Record; Time - Punch; Wednesday Morning Pile (Saturday Evening Post) - Stanford Chaparral

1961Good Housekeeping - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Ladies Home Journey (Ladies Home Journal) - MAD; Layboy (Playboy) - Stanford Chaparral; Mademoiselle - Harvard Lampoon; New Norker (New Yorker) - Yale Record; Playboy - Amherst Sabrina; Playboy - Penn State Froth; Playkid (Playboy) - MAD; Reader's Digress (Reader's Digest) - MAD; Saturday Review - Harvard Lampoon

1962Gayboy (Playboy) - Cornell Widow; Liff (Life) - Yale Record; Mademoiselle - Harvard Lampoon

1963Esquire - Harvard Lampoon/Mademoiselle; Grad (Mad) - USMA; Lawboy (Playboy) - Toronto Queens Law School; Playbull (Playboy) - Texas Ranger; Popular Scientific Mechanics (Popular Science) - MAD; TV Guise (TV Guide) - More Trash From MAD; Twue (True) - Yale Record

1964Bad (MAD) - Esquire; Modern Teacher (Modern Screen) - MAD; Preyboy (Playboy) - UCLA Satyr; Preyboy (Playboy) - UMass Yahoo; Pwayboy (Playboy) - Yale Record

1965Gayboy (Playboy) - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Layboy (Playboy) - Stanford Chaparral; Load & Crash (Car & Driver) - MAD; MUD (MAD) - UMass Yahoo; New Forker (New Yorker) - University of Michigan Gargoyle; Plowboy (Playboy) - Clemson Chronicle; Prayboy (Playboy) - USMA Pointer; Sports Illstated (Sports Illustrated) - Yale Record; Time - Harvard Lampoon

1966Harvard Tampoon (Harvard Lampoon) - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Peliboy (Playboy) - California Pelican; Pl*yb*y (Playboy) - Harvard Lampoon; Pl*yb*y (Playboy) - Punch

1967Amateur Radio - MAD; Popular Everything (Popular Science) - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Readers Dijest (Readers Digest) - Yale Record; Reader's Indigestion (Reader's Digest) - Sabrina

1968Life - Harvard Lampoon; Sik-Teen (Sixteen) - MAD; VD Guide (TV Guide) - M.I.T. Voo Doo

1969Log - USNA Log; Ruling Stooge (Rolling Stone) - Ruling Stooge; Time - Harvard Lampoon; Tyme (Time) - DonLee Company

1970Condemner Reports (Consumer Reports) - MAD; Playboy Engineer (Playboy) - Purdue Rivet; Playbore (Playboy) - National Lampoon; Screen Slime (Modern Screen) - National Lampoon; True Finance (True Romance) - National Lampoon

1971Cosmopolatin (Cosmopolitan) - National Lampoon; Mad (MAD) - National Lampoon; My Weekly Reader (Weekly Reader) - National Lampoon; National Lampoon 1906 (National Lampoon) - National Lampoon; Punch Goes Playboy (Playboy) - Punch; Rolling Stein (Rolling Stone) - National Lampoon

1972Cosmopolitan - Harvard Lampoon; Gamma Hutch (Playboy) - National Lampoon; True Politics (True) - National Lampoon; TV Guise Fall Preview (TV Guide) - MAD

1973Life - National Lampoon; Playdead (Playboy) - National Lampoon; Poon Beat (Teen Beat) - National Lampoon; Popular Workbench (Popular Mechanics) - National Lampoon; Psychology Ptoday (Psychology Today) - National Lampoon; Sports Illustrated - National Lampoon

1974Bible Rave (Teen Beat) - MAD; Boys' Real Life (Boys' Life) - National Lampoon; Crazy Looks At The Offices Of A Parody Mag (MAD) - Crazy Magazine, Marvel; Famine Circle (Family Circle) - National Lampoon; Heyboy (Playboy) - Bleep; National Lampoof (National Lampoon) - National Lampoon; National Lamprune (National Lampoon) - Bugle-American; Old Ladies Home Journal (Ladies Home Journal) - National Lampoon; Pethouse (Penthouse) - National Lampoon; Popular Evolution (Popular Science) - National Lampoon; Sports Illustrated - Harvard Lampoon; Stupid News & World Report (US News & World Report) - National Lampoon

1975Broken Homes & Gardens (Better Homes & Gardens) - MAD; Popular Photo-Monotony (Popular Photography) - MAD; Rolling Drone (Rolling Stone) - Denver; Young Sports Illustrated (Sports Illustrated) - MAD

1976MADDE (MAD) - MAD Special; New Yorker - Harvard Lampoon; Whole Gnurd Catalog (Whole Grains Catalog) - M.I.T. Voo Doo

1977Newswreck (Newsweek) - Newswreck; Rolling Boulder (Rolling Stone) - Boston Phoenix

1978MUD (MAD) - Trash Magazine

1979Playbod (Playboy) - Emory Spoke; Playwings (Playboy) - Wings

1980TV Guide Textbook (TV Guide) - MAD

1981Classical Beat (Teen Beat) - MAD; People - Harvard Lampoon

1982Newark Times Book Review (New York Times Book Review) - Parody Publishing; Newsweek - Harvard Lampoon

1983Book of MAD (MAD) - MAD; Grad (Mad) - West Point Pointer; Not Quite TV Guide (TV Guide) - Crown/Prince; Playbore (Playboy) - American Parody

1984Cosmoparody (Cosmopolitan) - TSM; Playbock (Playboy) - Hans Gamber; Playboy - TSM

1985Like a Rolling Stone (Rolling Stone) - TSM; Penthouse - TSM

1986Mud (Mad) - Hans Gamber; People - TSM; Snooze (New Yorker) - Workman

1988Playbyte (Playboy) - National Lampoon; Playdoh (Playboy) - Hofstra Nonsense; Playspoke (Playboy) - Emory Spoke

1989Forbes - Harvard Lampoon; Playmid (Playboy) - USNA Log; Time - Harvard Lampoon

1990MAD - Barf; Playbec (Playboy) - Croc; Weekly World News - M.I.T. Voo Doo

1991Parade - M.I.T. Voo Doo; Sports Illstated (Sports Illustrated) - Andrews & McMeel

1992Playbock (Playboy) - Hans Gamber

1993Charade (Parade) - MAD; Jab (Mad) - Cummings Design Group

1994Entertainment Weekly - Harvard Lampoon

1995Is Martha Stuart Living? (Martha Stewart Living) - Southport Beach

1996Martha Stuart's ... Entertaining (Martha Stewart Entertaining) - HarperPerenniel; Rewired (Wired) - HarperPerenniel; Sports Imitated (Sports Illustrated) - Boulevard

1997Vague (Vogue) - Firefly

1998Chunklet (MAD) - Chunklet; Cigar Asphyxianado (Cigar Aficionado) - Time Warner; Entertain Me Weakly (Entertainment Weekly) - MAD; Martha Stuart's ... Weddings - Martha Stewart Weddings; Roctober (MAD) - Roctober; Tyme (Time) - Emory

2000Comics Journal (MAD) - Comics Journal

2001Safarir (Playboy) - Safarir

2002National Geographic - Stanford Chaparral

2006New Yorker - Dartmouth; Sky Maul (Sky Mall) - St. Martin's

2008National Geographic - Harvard Lampoon

2016New Jorker (New Yorker) - Lipstein & Folta

Dates Unknown

New Yahker (New Yorker) - Yale Record; Sports Illusions (Sports Illustrated) - Lafayette Marquis; Time - Ohio Green Goat; Timf (Time) - Ohio State Sundial; Troe (True) - Purdue Rivet