My taste for music is stuck in the 1960s and 1970s.  I have 300+ tracks on my 8GB iPod.  Some of theses tracks have been recorded from LP to cassette to CD and then to computer and iPod.  Following are the tracks on my iPod.

1. Beatles (Rubber Soul - side B)
2. Fleetwood Mac (Go Your Own Way)
3. Beatles (Penny Lane)
4. Beatles (Savoy Truffle)
5. Pink Floyd (Run Like Hell)
6. Paul McCartney (Rough Ride)
7. Laura Nyro (Wedding Bell Blues)
8. Paul McCartney (Jet)
9. Weird Al Yankovic (Gump)
10. Beatles (Getting Better)
11. Beatles (Good Night)
12. Fleetwood Mac (Gold Dust Woman)
13. Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)
14. Paul McCartney (Let 'Em In)
15. John Williams (Here Comes the Sun)
16. Celine Dion (Here There & Everywhere)
17. Beatles (With a Little Help From My Friends)
18. Laura Nyro (California Shoeshine Boys)
19. Paul McCartney (Thing We Said Today)
20. Electric Light Orchestra (Roll Over Beethoven)
21. Simon & Garfunkel (Greatest Hits - side A)
22. Fleetwood Mac (Tusk - The Dance)
23. Dire Straits (Your Latest Trick)
24. Johnny Rivers (Can't Buy Me Love)
25. Beatles (Piggies)
26. Beatles (Within You Without You)
27. Jeff Beck (A Day in the Life)
28. Pink Floyd (The Wall - side 3)
29. Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb)
30. Beatles (Across the Universe)
31. Fleetwood Mac (Bleed to Love Her - The Dance)
32. Beatles (Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da)
33. Henry Mancini (The Pink Panther Theme)
34. Beatles (Cry Baby Cry)
35. Billy Idol (White Wedding)
36. Neil Young (Let's Impeach the President)
37. London Symphony Orchestra (Tubular Bells - side A)
38. Patsy Cline (Greatest Hits - side A)
39. Weird Al Yankovic (Albuquerque)
40. Laura Nyro (Blowin' Away)
41. Paul McCartney (Crackin' Up)
42. London Symphony Orchestra (The Beatles - side B)
43. Fleetwood Mac (The Chain - The Dance)
44. Paul McCartney & Wings (Heart of the Country)
45. Laura Nyro (And When I Die)
46. Beatles (Day Tripper)
47. Fleetwood Mac (You Make Loving Fun)
48. Beatles (Sun King)
49. Fleetwood Mac (Second Hand News)
50. Mary Hopkin (Those Were the Days)
51. Paul McCartney & Wings (Helen Wheels)
52. Beatles (Real Love)
53. Paul McCartney (Maybe I'm Amazed)
54. Beatles (Help!)
55. Dire Straits (Lady Writer)
56. Simon & Garfunkel (Greatest Hits - side B)
57. Beatles (Come Together)
58. Paul McCartney & Wings (With a Little Luck)
59. Peggy Lee (Something)
60. Laura Nyro (Goodby Joe)
61. Henry Mancini (Peter Gunn)
62. George Martin (The Pepperland Suite)
63. Paul McCartney (Figure of Eight)
64. The Clash (Rock the Casbah)
65. The Who (Tommy - side 2)
66. Fleetwood Mac (Oh Daddy)
67. Laura Nyra (Eli and the 13th Confession - side B)
68. Neil Young (After the Garden)
69. Beatles (Rubber Soul - side A)
70. Pink Floyd (Us and Them)
71. Paul McCartney (Live and Let Die)
72. Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - side 3)
73. Paul McCartney (Birthday)
74. Fleetwood Mac (Songbird)
75. Beatles (From Me to You)
76. Fleetwood Mac (I Don't Wanna Know)
77. Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here)
78. Beatles (Yer Blues)
79. White Cassette - side A
        Quicksilver Messenger Service (Spindrifter)
        Derek & the Dominos (Layla)
        Allman Brothers (In Memory of Elizabeth Reed)
        Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven)
80. Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - side 2
81. Neil Young (The Restless Consumer)
82. Pink Floyd (Shine On You Crazy Diamond)
83. Fleetwood Mac (Big Love - The Dance)
84. Beatles (Get Back)
85. Beatles (Did a Pony)
86. Neil Young (Families)
87. Laura Nyro (Flim Flam Man)
88. Fleetwood Mac (Landslide - The Dance)
89. Beatles (Can't Buy Me Love)
90. Red Cassette - side A
        Rolling Stones (Angie)
        Doors (The Crystal Ship)
        Jefferson Airplane (Lather)
        Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven)
        Beatles (Norwegian Wood)
        Simon & Garfunkel (Kathy's Song)
        Carly Simon (Love's Still Growing)
        Don McLean (Crossroads)
        The Who (Behind Blue Eyes)
        Joni Mitchell (Chelsea Morning)
        Its A Beautiful Day (Girl With No Eyes)
        Beatles (Michelle)
91. Pink Floyd (The Wall - side 2)
92. Paul McCartney & Wings (Live and Let Die)
93. Billy Connolly (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite)
94. The Clash (London Calling)
95. Joan Baez (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down)
96. Beatles (Juilia)
97. Jan & Dean (Norwegian Wood)
98. Bobby McFerrin (Drive My Car)
99. Paul McCartney (The Fool on the Hill)
100. Dire Straits (Private Investigations)
101. Weird Al Jancovic (Ode to a Superhero)
102. Beatles (Mother Nature's Son)
103. London Symphony Orchestra (The Beatles - side A)
104. Pink Floyd (The Wall - side 4)
105. Beatles (Fixing A Hole)
106. Beatles (I Feel Fine)
107. Paul McCartney (Eleanor Rigby)
108. The Rutles (All You Need Is Cash - side A)
109. Beatles (You Never Give Me Your Money)
110. Beatles (All You Need Is Love)
111. Beatles (Lady Madonna)
112. Paul McCartney (We Got Married)
113. Beatles (For You Blue)
114. Beatles (Love Me Do)
115. Beatles (Eleanor Rigby)
116. Billy Idol (Rebel Yell)
117. Weird Al Yankovic (Amish Paradise)
118. Laura Nyro (Buy and Sell)
119. Beatles (A Day in the Life)
120. Beatles (She Loves You)
121. Patsy Cline (Greatest Hits - side B)
122. Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here - side B)
123. Paul McCartney (Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying)
124. Deep Purple (Machine Head - side A)
125. Beatles (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite)
126. Fleetwood Mac (You Make Loving Fun - The Dance)
127. Dire Straits (Heavy Fuel)
128. Laura Nyro (Smile - side A)
129. Beatles (The End)
130. The Who (Tommy - side 3)
131. Fleetwood Mac (The Chain)
132. Beatles (Ticket to Ride)
133. Beatles (Blackbird)
134. Pink Floyd (Money)
135. Paul McCartney (Back in the U.S.S.R.)
136. Beatles (Revolver - side A)
137. Beatles (Get Back)
138. Beatles (Paperback Writer)
139. Beatles (Dear Prudence)
140. Weird Al Yankovic (eBay)
141. The Rutles (All You Need Is Cash - side B)
142. The Ventures (Apache)
143. Red Cassette (side B)
            Laura Nyro (Goodby Joe)
            James Taylor (Fire & Rain)
            Elton John (I've Seen That Movie Too)
            Carly Simon (Robin)
            Beatles (While My Guitar Gently Weeps)
            Janis Ian (At Seventeen)
            Janis Ian (From Me to You)
            It's A Beautiful Day (White Bird)
            Simon & Garfunkel (The Boxer)
            Elton John (Levon)
144. Pink Floyd (The Wall - side 4)
145. Paul McCartney (Hi Hi Hi)
146. Beatles (Honey Pie)
147. Paul McCartney (This One)
148. Paul McCartney (Get Back)
149. Billy Idol (Rebel Yell - live)
150. Beatles (Two of Us)
151. Beatles (Her Majesty)
152. Beatles (Back in the U.S.S.R.)
153. Beatles (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
154. Beatles (The Long And Winding Road)
155. Paul McCartney & Wings (No More Lonely Nights)
156. Beatles (Lovely Rita)
157. Beatles (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
158. Paul McCartney (Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight)
159. Dire Straits (Tunnel of Love)
160. Neil Young (Shock & Awe)
161. Beatles (She's Leaving Home)
162. Beatles (I Me Mine)
163. Laura Nyro (He's a Runner)
164. Deep Purple (Machine Head - side B)
165. Beatles (Carry That Weight)
166. Fleetwood Mac (Rhiannon - The Dance)
167. Jim Carrey (I Am the Walrus)
168. Weird Al Yankovic (Hardware Store)
169. Paul McCartney & Wings (Another Day)
170. Beatles (Octopus's Garden)
171. White Cassette (side B)
            Elton John (Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding)
            Yes (Roundabout)
            Doors (Light My Fire)
            Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Still ... You Turn Me On)
            Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Benny the Bouncer)
            Frank Zappa (instrumental)
            Bill Cosby (Little Old Man)
172. Fleetwood Mac (Never Going Back Again)
173. Laura Nyro (Eli & the 13th Confession - side A)
174. Beatles (The Ballad of John And Yoko)
175. Beatles (Golden Slumbers)
176. Beatles (We Can Work It Out)
177. Paul McCartney & Wings (Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey)
178. Weird Al Yankovic (Smells Like Nirvana)
179. Laura Nyro (Eli & the 13th Confession - side B)
180. Beatles (Long And Winding Road)
181. Fleetwood Mac (Say You Love Me - The Dance)
182. Beatles (Martha My Dear)
183. Joni Mitchell (Court & Spark - side A)
184. Green Day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams)
185. Laura Nyro (Billy's Blues)
186. Fleetwood Mac (Sweet Girl)
187. Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water - side B)
188. Vanessa Mae (Because)
189. Paul McCartney (The Long And Winding Road)
190. Paul McCartney & Wings (Junior's Farm)
191. Weird Al Yankovic (Bob)
192. Dire Straits (On Every Street)
193. Pink Floyd (Another Brick in the Wall)
194. Beatles (Because)
195. The Who (Tommy - side 4)
196. Paul McCartney & Wings (Too Many People)
197. Roy Orbison (In Dreams)
198. Sean Connery (In My Life)
199. Robin Williams (Come Together)
200. Beatles (Here Comes the Sun)
201. Fleetwood Mac (My Little Demon - The Dance)
202. Dire Straits (Romeo & Juliet)
203. Laura Nyro (I Never Meant to Hurt You)
204. Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells)
205. Paul McCartney (Matchbox)
206. Beatles (Birthday)
207. Paul McCartney (Ain't That a Shame)
208. Weird Al Yankovic (Jurassic Park)
209. Tiffany (I Saw Him Standing There)
210. Beatles (Glass Onion)
211. Beatles (Hello Goodbye)
212. Dire Straits (Local Hero/Wild Theme)
213. Paul McCartney (Got to Get You Into My Life)
214. Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon - side A)
215. Fleetwood Mac (Silver Springs - The Dance)
216. Fleetwood Mac (Go Your Own Way - The Dance)
217. Paul McCartney (Put It There)
218. Beatles (One After 909)
219. Pink Floyd (Time)
220. Rick Wakefield (Six Wives of Henry the Eighth - side A)
221. Green Cassette (side B)
            Deep Purple (Child in Time)
            Beatles (Get Back)
            Ambrosia (Nice Nice Very Nice)
            Allman Brothers (Statesborough Blues)
            Al Stewart (The Year of the Cat)
            Doobie Brothers
222. Fleetwood Mac (Don't Stop)
223. Fleetwood Mac (Dreams)
224. Beatles (Something)
225. Beatles (Rocky Racoon)
226. Joni Mitchell (Court & Spart - side B)
227. Neil Young (America the Beautiful)
228. Simon & Garfunkel (Bridge Over Troubled Water - side A)
229. Paul McCartney (Ram - side A)
230. Joni Mitchell
231. Paul McCartney & Wings (No More Lonely Nights)
232. Ike & Tina Turner (Get Back)
233. Linda Ronstadt (You're No Good)
234. Beatles (When I'm 64)
235. Fleetwood Mac (Temporary One - The Dance)
236. Fleetwood Mac (Everywhere - The Dance)
237. Goldie Hawn (A Hard Day's Night)
238. Phil Collins (Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End)
239. Paul McCartney & Wings (Listen to What the Man Said)
240. Beatles (Love Me Do)
241. Paul McCartney & Wings (Coming Up)
242. Beatles (I've Got a Feeling)
243. Laura Nyro (Lazy Susan)
244. Dire Straits (Money for Nothing)
245. Dire Straits (Walk of Life)
246. Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - side 4)
247. Beatles (Come Together)
248. Fleetwood Mac (Say You Will)
249. Rick Wakefield (Six Wives of Henry the Eighth - side B)
250. Fleetwood Mac (Miranda)
251. Beatles (Sexy Sadie)
252. Patsy Cline (Greatest Hits)
253. Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon - side B)
254. Beatles (Don't Let Me Down)
255. Paul McCartney (Can't Buy Me Love)
256. Beatles (I Will)
257. Dire Straits (Love Over Gold)
258. Paul McCartney (Band on the Run)
259. Beatles (Rubber Soul - side B)
260. Paul McCartney & Wings (Maybe I'm Amazed)
261. Fleetwood Mac (Dreams - The Dance)
262. Paul McCartney (I Saw Her Standing There)
263. Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - side 1)
264. Weird Al Yankovic (Bedrock Anthem)
265. Beatles (A Hard Day's Night)
266. Paul McCartney (Coming Up)
267. Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here - side A)
268. Dire Straits (Calling Elvis)
269. Blue Cassette (side A)
            Dire Straits (Money for Nothing)
            Michael Jackson (Billy Jean)
            Weird Al Yankovic (Eat It)
            Pointer Sisters (Neutron Dance)
            Huey Lewis (Heart of Rock & Roll)
            Creedence Clearwater Revival (Bad Moon Rising)
            Berlin (Take My Breath Away)
            Ahmad Jamal (M*A*S*H Theme)
            Paul McCartney (Uncle Albert/Albert Halsey)
            America (Sister Golden Hair)
            Simon & Garfunkel (Frank Lloyd Wright)
270. Billy Idol (Circle of Love)
271. Paul McCartney (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)
272. Beatles (I Want to Hold Your Hand)
273. Laura Nyro (Stoney End)
274. Beatles (Don't Pass Me By)
275. Beatles (Eight Days a Week)
276. Dire Straits (Brothers in Arms)
277. Paul McCartney & Wings (Band on the Run)
278. Dire Straits (Sultans of Swing)
279. Paul McCartney (Ram - side B)
280. Beatles (While My Guitar Gently Weeps)
281. The Smithereens (One After 909)
282. Beatles (Mean Mr. Mustard Medley)
283. Dire Straits (So Far Away)
284. Beatles (Oh! Darling)
285. Beatles (I'm So Tired)
286. The Who (Tommy - side 1)
287. Beatles (Free As a Bird)
288. Green Cassette (side A)
            Eagles (One of These Nights)
            Paul Simon (Duncan)
            John Lennon (Steel And Glass)
            Electric Light Orchestra (Roll Over Beethoven)
            Electric Light Orchestra (Nobody's Child)
            [unknown group] (Spartacus)
            Jimi Hendrix (All Along the Watchtower)
            Bob Dylan (Lay Lady Lay)
289. Weird Al Yankovic (Achy Breaky Song)
290. Beatles (Yellow Submarine)
291. Mike Oldfield (Tubular Bells)
292. Fleetwood Mac (Don't Stop - The Dance)
293. Fleetwood Mac (Say You Will)
294. George Martin (Friends and Lovers)
295. Neil Young (Flags of Freedom)
296. Paul McCartney & Wings (CMoon)
297. Paul McCartney & Wings (Junk)
298. Paul McCartney & Wings (Jet)
299. Beatles (Something)
300. Beatles (Long, Long, Long)
301. Beatles (I Want You)
302. Laura Nyro (Buy and Sell)
303. Beatles (Across the Universe)
304. Blue Cassette (side B)
            Ann Murray (Could I Have This Dance)
            Linda Ronstadt (You're No Good)
            Traveling Wilburys (Last Night)
            Roy Orbison (In Dreams)
            Creedence Clearwater Revival (Proud Mary)
            Dire Straits (Walk of Life)
            Buddy Holly (Oh Boy)
            Paul Simon (You Can Call Me Al)
            Beatles (When I'm 64)
            Beatles (Flying)
            Original Cast (Hair)