All religions are ridiculous.  Book clubs make more sense.  Enjoy your hypocrisy but do not pretend that your religious club is more important that the neighborhood model airplane group.  [JAM 1/17/2015]

Although I am an agnostic and I do not believe in blind faith, there are two specific teachings of Jesus that I absolutely support.  Jesus taught to feed the poor and to heal the sick.  It seems to me that liberal and progressive groups are the ones who promote programs that meet these goals.  The conservative groups like the current Republican party in the U.S., oppose all programs that allow access to health care for all and they also oppose any expansion of the social safety net that benefits the less fortunate among us.  I believe that governments should serve all of the people.  [JAM 7/28/2012] 

Organized religion is the cruelest hoax ever presented as truth to mankind.  However, I respect the spiritual beliefs of others as long as they do no harm. [JAM 8/18/2009]