[2020] 1. Mank; 2. The Trial of the Chicago 7; 3. News of the World; 4. Midnight Sky; 5. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.  Worst Movie - Wonder Woman 1984.

[2019] 1. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; 2. Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood; 3. Ford vs. Ferrari; 4. Jumanji III; 5. Star Wars IX; 6. The Favourite; 7. Wonder Wheel; 8. Captain Marvel; 9. Avengers XLII.

[2018] Since I do not see many movies these days, I am just listing my 2018 movie reviews in the order of preference.  I wish I had not bothered to see the last two. [JAM 12/26/2018]
1. Shape of Water
2. The Post
3. Jumanji
4. Ant-Man II
5. Old Man & Gun
6. Star Wars VIII
7. Solo
8. Avengers (Thanos I)
9. Spy Who Dumped Me
10. Red Sparrow

Best movie [2017] - The Post
Best silly movie - Geostorm
Best superhero movie - Wonder Woman
Best performance by an amphibian - The Shape of Water
Best special effects - Blade Runner 2049
Best restart for a never-ending series of sequels - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Most disappointing movie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi  [JAM 3/3/2018]

Apparently, I did not see enough movies in [2016].  Of the dozen I saw, not one deserves an award nomination except for the special effects category.  The following are listed in alphabetical order: Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Arrival, Batman vs. Superman, Cafe Society, Captain America, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Ghostbusters, Hail Caesar, Independence Day II, Star Trek Beyond, Where to Invade Next.  The Worst of the bunch is Deadpool which is a violent, profane and nasty "super-hero" movie.  The only redeeming aspect of Deadpool is the comedic timing of Ryan Reynolds.  [JAM 1/4/2017]

Best movies of the year [2015]: (1.) The Martian (2.) Tomorrowland (3.) The Big Short (4.) Sisters (5.) Star War VII (6.) Sicario (7.) Jupiter AscendingBest Silly Movie: San Andreas.  Worst Movie: Trainwreck.  Best Acting Performance: Matt Damon in The Martian.  [JAM 1/24/2016]

Best movies of the year [2014]: (1.) The Grand Budapest Hotel (2.) St. Vincent (3.) Guardians of the Galaxy (4.) The LEGO Movie (5.) Interstellar (6.) X-Men: Days of Future Past (7.) Magic in the Moonlight.  Best Silly Movie: A Million Ways to Die in the West (the good parts).  Worst Movie: A Million Ways to Die in the West (the bad parts).  Best Acting Performance: Jaeden Lieberher in St. Vincent.  Best Voicing Performance: Will Arnett as Batman in The LEGO Movie.  [JAM 12/29/2014]

Best movies of the year [2013]: (1.) Saving Mr. Banks (2.) Gravity (3.) The Company You Keep (4.) Anchorman 2 (5.) American Hustle.  Best Silly Movie: Anchorman 2.  Worst Movie: Lone Ranger.  Best Acting Performance: Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks.  [JAM 1/28/2014]

Best movies of the year [2012]: (1.) Moonrise Kingdom (2.) Lincoln (3.) Argo (4.) Hyde Park on Hudson (5.) Frankenweenie (6.) John Carter (7.) Casa de Mi Padre (8.) Silver Linings Playbook (9.) Men in Black III (10.) Cloud Atlas.  Best Silly Movie: Casa de Mi Padre.  Worst Movie: Looper.  Best Acting Performance: Cast of Lincoln.  [JAM 1/20/2013]

Best movies of the year [2011]: (1.) Hugo (2.) Midnight in Paris (3.) Super 8 (4.) My Week with Marilyn (5.) The Descendants (6.) The Adjustment Bureau (7.) The Ides of March (8.) Harry Potter #8 (9.) Green Lantern (10.) Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  Best Silly Movie: 2012 Ice Age.  Worst Movie: Just Go with It.  Best Acting Performance: Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn. [JAM 1/8/2012]

Best movies of the year [2010]: (1.) True Grit (2.) Fair Game (3.) Flipped (4.) Inception (5.) Alice in Wonderland (6.) Green Zone (7.) Hereafter (8.) Unstoppable (9.) Red (10.) Harry Potter #7.  Best Silly Movie: (tie) Megamind and Despicable Me.  Worst Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine.  Best Acting Performance: Anne Hathaway in Love And Other Drugs. [JAM 1/31/2011]

Best movies of the year [2009]: (1.) Avatar (2.) District 9 (3.) Star Trek (4.) The Invention of Lying (5.) Up (6.) The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (7.) Whatever Works (8.) Sherlock Holmes (9.) Capitalism (10.) State of Play.  Best Silly Movie: Land of the Lost.  Worst Movie: 2012. [JAM 3/6/2010]