You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (Woody Allen) - 2010

By now you should realize that Woody is just messing with your mind.  He makes movies that interest him and does not care who else likes them.  In this movie, we meet two dysfunctional couples whose lives are not going to get better.  Anthony Hopkins and Gemma Jones have divorced after 40 years of marriage.  Hopkins wants more excitement in his life and Jones wants someone who has all the answers for her.  Their daughter (Naomi Watts) is married to a real loser (Josh Brolin) who somehow finished med school but prefers to be a writer.  The four of them are all going in their own directions and we are dragged along for the ride.  I didn't like any of these people but I do appreciate how Woody puts the pieces of a story together.  He is the master of the low-budget relationship movie.  The movie was filmed entirely in England and many local character actors were employed.  What's next, Woody? [JAM 10/20/2010]