The World's End (Edgar Wright) -2013

Gary King (Simon Pegg) is a loser who eventually finds himself in a group anger management session.  While Gary's life has gone nowhere, his friends from college are all successful businessmen.  Defying all logic, Gary gathers his four college buddies together to complete the Newton Haven pub crawl that they failed to finish 20 years ago.  Director Wright has collected all of the character actors in the UK plus Pierce Brosnan to relate this tale of a search for beer and lost youth.  Along the way, these five 40-somethings and Rosamund Pike stumble into an alien infestation.  These aliens have blue paint for blood and they have the innate ability to keep reconstructing themselves after being constant losers in contrived bar fights.  During this ultimate drunken brawl, Gary & Company discover the true meaning of life, I guess.  As syfy comedies go, this one is not terrible.  [JAM 9/21/2013]