Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins) - 2017

So, where is the invisible jet plane?  William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in 1940.  The character's story first appeared in All Star Comics #8 and later became a star of her own DC comic book.  The reader is expected to believe that WW's mother made her from clay (there is a Gumby joke in there somewhere) and that they all live with the female-only Amazon community that live on a fog-shrouded island within a short boat-trip from London.  In this alternate universe, she also turned the tide against the Germans in WWI.  However, if you can overlook those inconsistencies and a few others, this is an excellent super-hero movie.  Director Jenkins and Cinematographer Matthew Jensen have created an art film of sorts filled with excellent stop-action battle scenes that are worth seeing by an fan of film art.  Without a doubt, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman has become my favorite superhero of all time.  The casting of Ms. Gadot in this part perfectly displays the character envisioned by writer Marston.  Perhaps the FAA nightmare (invisible plane) will appear in the sequel.  [JAM 6/9/2017]