What's Up, Tiger Lily? (Woody Allen) -1966

Phil Moscowitz (played by Tatsuya Mihashi, 1923-2004) has been hired by the Grand Exalted High Majah of Raspur to recover his recipe for egg salad that was stolen by international criminal Shepherd Wong (Tadao Nakamaru).  Gangster Wing Fat (Susumu Kurobe) is also looking for the recipe.  The Majah has assigned sisters Teri & Suki Yaki (Mie Hama and Akiko Wakabayashi) to assist Phil with his quest.  The recipe is in a safe within a safe within a safe on Shepherd Wong's gambling ship.  Fortunately, one of the Yaki sisters is an expert safe-cracker who has recently escaped from prison.  The original Japanese soundtrack has been replaced by an English version overdubbed by Woody and friends including wife, Louise Lasser.  Their creative plot changes include references to Saracen pigs, Miracle Whip, a Claude Rains impression, bandage comparisons, fat Lithuanian midgets and snake coffins among other things.  Words on this page cannot do justice to the timing and delivery in the dubbed film.  You must watch the actual product.  Please ignore the Lovin' Spoonful footage that was added after Woody completed his version.  Although the passage of 45 years has dated this one, "Tiger Lily" will always be considered to be one of the first, classic silly movie parodies. [JAM 6/2/2011]