Watchmen (2009)

This is a very long movie and Billy Crudup is very blue.  At 162 minutes, this one is a real bladder test.  It is 1985 and Richard Nixon has been elected for his fifth term.  Now that is a premise for a scary movie.  Because of Nixon, the world is heading for a nuclear confrontation with the Russians.  The only people who can possibly save the world are some retired superheroes.  In this alternate universe, the Watchmen helped Nixon win the war in Vietnam to become the perpetual president of the United States. 

These watchmen (and women) are really good fighters, really strong and really can take a lot of punches.  The special effects are great and flashback scenes are well-crafted.  The violence is graphic and excessive.  If you like rivers of blood, this is the movie for you (not me). [JAM 3/8/2009]

And why was that guy blue?  He could have been any color he wanted.  Dr. Manhattan did not really care about other people so why would he go to a funeral for a psychopathic maniac.  And what's with that suit?

And how do you get a power saw into a prison?  I think it would have been easier to saw through the bindings but maybe that's just me.  [JAM 3/14/2009]