Unstoppable (Tony Scott) -2010

Earl's hapless brother Randy (Ethan Suplee) loses a ten-million pound train filled with hazardous chemicals in Southern Pennsylvania and it takes our heroes 98 minutes to catch up to it.  This is a popcorn movie with non-stoppable action and an inside look at the details of the really scary commercial train industry.  Denzel Washington is the veteran know-it-all train handler who is just three weeks from a forced retirement.  Chris Pine (young Capt. Kirk from Star Trek) is the young upstart who has way too many personal problems.  Together, they emulate Indiana Jones trying to stop Randy's locomotive.  Loosely based on a real situation that occurred in 2001, this story adds a bit more speed and danger to the mix.  The movie gets along at an excellent pace with top-notch film-editing and a big budget for train-smashing action.  [JAM 12/5/2010]