Transformers (Michael Bay) -2007

This is the worst movie ever made about strange Japanese toys until the next one.  The Transformer franchise has single-handedly kept Hollywood model-makers out of the unemployment line.  Earth has been invaded by some giant, indestructible, china-shop nightmares, disguised as common motorized vehicles (Decepticons).  The planet's counter-attack is led by two high school students, some computer nerds and an old Chevrolet Camaro.  However, I do not remember anyone who looked like Megan Fox when I was in high school.  The Decepticons destroy a major U.S. city in their effort to find a magical cube (Allspark) that would make them even more powerful.  The cube had been cleverly hidden in a hydroelectric dam by that genius, Herbert Hoover (1874-1964).  Fortunately, a group of friendly giant Japanese toys (Autobots) led by Optimus Prime crash onto the planet to help the good guys.  In the battle that ensues, our heroes manage to dodge huge laser blasts and giant falling building shards to keep the cube from Megatron, the really big nasty giant Japanese toy.  Although, Shia LeBoeouf did get a big scratch on his forehead. In the end - well, you know.  Mankind is saved until the sequel in 2009. [JAM 3/25/2010]