Trainwreck (Judd Apatow) - 2015

Amy Schumer's character treats men the way some men treat women (in the movies) - as single-use and disposable objects.  She is an extremely selfish individual concerned only with personal gratification.  Conversations between women in this movie (when men are not present) are all conducted as if they are saying whatever they are thinking all of the time.  With the premise well-established, it is highly unlikely that Amy and the doctor (Bill Hader) would become a couple.  Schumer and Hader perform well within the script written by Schumer.  Lebron James does a good job as Hader's sidekick.  My message to all male movie goers is that this is a chick flick with a seemingly unending supply of uncomfortable jokes aimed at inferior men.  This movie is not for men.  [JAM 8/12/2015]