Toy Story 3 (Les Unkrich) -2010

Andy is going to college and the toys are very worried about their fate.  Andy has matured and has no time to play with toys anymore except for that talking cowboy doll that he plans to take with him to his dorm room.  In a terrible turn of events, most of Andy's toys get picked up by the trash truck but somehow escape to the Sunnyside Day Care facility that is ruled by an evil teddy bear that smells like strawberries.  Best supporting actor here is Ken who loves to play dress-up but insists that he is not a "girl-toy."  It's all so clever, touching and creative but it is just very hard to believe that a slinky-dog could endure that much abuse and still not be all kinked and stretched.  Stay tuned for Toy Story 4 wherein Andy gets drafted and his toys save him from an Al Qaeda prison camp. [JAM 7/2/2010]