Super 8 (J.J. Abrams) - 2011

The appeal of this movie lies with the juxtaposition of the low-budget, Super-8 film-making of 1979 with the high-tech, Spielberg-type film-making of 2011.  The United States Air Force is the evil, fascist organization transporting its precious cargo through a small town in Ohio to an unknown destination.  One concerned citizen gets in the way causing a spectacular train wreck that is somehow dodged by six junior high students who accidentally filmed it all.  There are some unlikely coincidences here and way too much early-teen angst but it all makes for a good popcorn movie.  Do not leave the theater when the credits start rolling!  The best part of the film occurs in Super-8 footage format in conjunction with the credits. [JAM 6/18/2011]