Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Episode VIII (Rian Johnson) - 2017

The special effects in this movie are absolutely amazing and better than ever.  But, doesn't it seem like this is the same movie all over again?  The bad guys are as bad and strong as ever.  The good guys are out-numbered and barely surviving; but somehow they manage to score some victories.  There is a Darth Vader clone (Kylo) who is extremely powerful but has some mental issues.  And, Rey is probably "The Last Jedi" of the title.  I like the space animals.  How do they stay alive among all of the bleakness in the galaxy?  The casino scene was good but we did not stay there very long.  Laura Dern stole the show with her glorious violet hair.  I suppose that the original trio of Han, Luke and Leia are gone forever now except in flash-backs.  I doubt that this was the "Episode VIII" envisioned by Godfather George Lucas but when the story gets spread over 40 years, the new masses must be served with an old telling.  I want a new plot. [JAM 1/1/2018]