Star Wars: The Force Awakens (J.J.Abrams) - 2015

Episode Seven finds Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca still working their import-export business, and Princess Leia is still fighting fascist overlords with unlimited funds for their weapons of mass destruction.  However, for some reason, everybody is trying to locate Luke Skywater (Mark Hamill).  Darth Vader is dead but there is a new guy named Kyle who dresses a lot like him.  The new stars are Daisey Ridley, who makes her living as a recycler, and an AWOL storm Trooper played by John Boyega.  The plot is similar to Episode Four with many reminders of the original film plugged into key situations.  As before, there is an unending supply of storm troopers who wear armored suits that are totally useless against anything that propels bullets.  Director Abrams has performed an excellent service to all Star Wars fans.  The music and special effects are excellent but it is not likely that the film will receive any nominations for the major acting awards.  The production company must therefore be satisfied with Episode Seven being the highest grossing film of all time until Episode Eight.  There is also good news for series founder, George Lucas.  He will be able to afford that extra Pacific island to go with his collection.  [JAM 12/26/2015]