The Sorcerer's Apprentice (John Turteltaub) - 2010

Loosely based on one of eight animated shorts in Walt Disney's Fantasia (1940), this is the story of Merlin's right-hand man, Balthazar (Nicholas Cage) and his one thousand-year plus quest to find the sorcerer to replace the great Merlin.  Balthazar has been carrying around a lot of baggage in the form of Morgana (Alice Krige) and some other baddies who he has trapped in a nesting doll.  Morgana and her buddy, Alfred Molina want to wake the dead and destroy mankind for a reason that is not explained.  Apparently, Balthazar could not find a worthy successor in Europe so he came to New York City where all sorts of magical people live including a physics nerd named Dave (Jay Baruchel).  There are some huge special-effects battles and a high-speed car chase through the city.  You must stay for the credits to get the SA2 teaser at the end. [JAM 7/24/2010]