Snowmageddon (Sheldon Wilson) -2011

The title of this made-for-television movie is all you need to know about this terrible movie.  For some reason, a snow-globe appears on the doorstep of a family in a small town in Alaska (Normal) that is much too close to an active volcano.  Inside the globe is a miniature reproduction of Normal.  When activated, the globe causes the town to experience awful weather conditions including enormous hailstorms, earthquakes, avalanches, fire belching from cracks in the ground, and giant spikes that erupt from the roads.  One would think that the screenwriter would eventually explain how this is happening and who created the globe.  But nooooo, these key points remain conveniently unexplained.  Somehow the family that received the globe deduces what is happening and develop a plan to destroy the globe and stop the inclement weather.  The special effects are fair but not very special.  This a bad movie but not bad in a funny way.  There is a teaser at the end with someone in town finding another globe.  Is it even possible that the producers of this movie think that there is an audience for a sequel?  Count me out. [JAM 12/18/2011]