Skyfall (Sam Mendes) - 2012

There is not much spying in this one.  The Bond franchise seems to have devolved into the standard action film formula.  The film open with an unbelievable, highly-destructive, fast-paced chase scene.  Then, the rest of the movie is one longer chase to find the villain, deftly played by Javier Bardem.  The entire plot involves a disgruntled, former MI16 operative (Bardem) who stole a top-secret computer hard drive so he could get his revenge against M (Judi Dench).  Why this computer was in a hotel room in Turkey is beyond speculation.  MI16 security is easily broached by one man who also has an unending supply of mercenary henchmen.  However, for die-hard Bond buffs, there is much to like including a trip to Bond's boyhood home (Skyfall).  In addition, key additions to the 007 family are Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw (Q) and Naomie Harris as the new Miss Moneypenny.  Daniel Craig continues to be a competent Bond although somewhat lacking in the sense of humor capacity of previous incarnations.  [JAM 11/11/2012]