Saving Mr. Banks (John Lee Hancock) - 2013

Emma Thompson delivered the performance of the year as the author of Mary Poppins - Mrs. Pamela L. Travers (aka Ellen Goff).  This story places two extreme opposites: Mrs. Travers and Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) in the same place during a unique slice of entertainment history.  The Disney way is perfectly recreated here as is the artistic prejudice of a woman forever scarred by the past and unable to exist without great difficulty in the present (1961).  Travers and Disney view each other as individuals who are mentally flawed.  Both are correct.  The supporting cast of Disney characters are wonderful as are the Australian characters in the flashbacks of the precocious Miss Goff.  Director Hancock melds both stories into one without flaw.  Stay for the credits.  [JAM 1/7/2014]