Race to Witch Mountain (Andy Fickman) - 2009

This movie stars the-actor-formerly-known-as-the-rock (Dwayne Johnson) as a Las Vegas cab driver with a checkered past (get it?).  It is a remake of the 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain that I have not seen starring Ray Milland (1907-1986), Eddie Albert (1906-2005) and Donald Pleasence (1919-1995).  Johnson finds two precocious alien children in his cab and agrees to help them find their mother-ship (eventually).  This is a 99-minute chase movie with Dwayne and the kids dodging the feds, some goons, a really nasty robot-alien guy and a semi-impressive array of pyrotechnics that barely miss our heroes against all odds.  The best scenes are in the Vegas UFO Convention where the ultra-nerdy space fans reside including Garry Marshall, the king of all conspiracy theorists.  Marshall has the best lines in the film.  Cheech Marin has a small part as a reluctant auto mechanic.  This is a good popcorn movie for the whole family. [JAM 3/21/2010]