Project Almanac (Dean Israelite) -2014

If you think that five teenagers could build a time machine in the basement, then this is the movie for you.  Jonny Weston found the time machine kit when he was looking through his father's workshop for a science project that would get him into MIT.  Then, Director Israelite decided to go all Blair-Witch on us and have the movie look like something Jonny's 15-year-old sister (played by 19-year-old Virginia Gardner) filmed on the 10-year-old video camera also found in perfect working order in the workshop.  The teens discussed all the good they could do with the machine but then decided to buy a winning lottery ticket, to pass a chemistry exam, and to get some backstage passes to a rock concert.  Jonny's mother never suspected anything.  [JAM 2/18/2015]