The Prestige (Christopher Nolan) - 2006

I could buy the premise of this story about two magicians (Hugh Jackman & Christian Bale) obsessed with the destruction of each other's careers, except for the part about Nikola Tesla's hat factory.  I continue to believe that matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  Tesla (1856-1943), played by David Bowie, is best known for his work with alternating current and the invention of the radio. 

In London circa 1900, these magicians are packing the theatres with their vanishing and transportation acts.  There are many twists and turns in the story as both men prove again and again that they love magic more than anything, including their families.  Jackman travels to Colorado where he pays Tesla/Bowie to invent the ultimate magician's dream machine.  It's all so clever and the costumes are nice but I found that I did not care for either of these selfish jerks.  Michael Caine, as Jackman's engineer, was good as always.

This movie has several flaws but I think the biggest flaw is that the screenwriter assumed that a wooden box full of water would burn.  Mr. Nolan, you are not a scientist. [JAM 12/24/2009]