The Old Man And The Gun (David Lowery) - 2018

This movie was advertised as Robert Redford's last performance.  I am not sure that is true.  I would have expected him to want to project a more positive image at the end of his acting career.  The story is based on the life of a career criminal who robbed hundreds of banks and escaped prison 16 times.  The acting performances, sets, scene selections and cinematography are excellent.  However, my problem with bringing this story to the big screen is that it glorifies a life of crime and invites the male members of the audience to identify with the character.  Most of us can appreciate it for what it is; but I fear that there are fringe elements in this world who will see this movie and decide that this is the life for them.  I have no sympathy for Redford's character.  He is smart enough to know that his lifestyle is wrong and it hurts others.  He may love the thrill of the bank robbery and the subsequent chase, but he is no friend of mine no matter how much he smiles.  [JAM 11/9/2018]