Ocean's Twelve (Steven Soderbergh) - 2004

A better title for this movie would be "The Bellagio Strikes Back" with Andy Garcia as Darth Vader.  After three years of fun, the crime team has been fingered and now they have fourteen days to steal $97 million and pay back the Bellagio.  So they all fly to Amsterdam where they plan to steal a ridiculous jewelry egg that is protected by laser beams.  They steal some other stuff but there is no way that they could turn it into cash in a two-week timeframe.  So where did they get the money?  They got it from stooges like you and me who paid eight bucks (senior rate) a pop for this dud of a movie that is really just a cute vehicle for George Clooney et al.  The most important aspect of the plot (?) is that director Soderburgh must make sure that the movie audience does not know what really happened until he shows it at the very end.  At one point, Julia Roberts is surprised by a question from Bruce Willis who asked what happened to her regular doctor.  Her minions quickly responded: "He's sick!" and "He's on vacation!" and "He's sick on vacation!"  We deserve a better dialog than this even at the senior rate. [JAM 11/11/2010]