Meteor (Ernie Barbarash) - 2009

A comet struck a large asteroid and both are now heading directly at Earth but mainly Central California.  The only scientist (Christopher Lloyd) who could save the planet was recently fired by Jason Alexander and then got hit by a car in Mexico.  Fortunately, Lloyd had a beautiful young assistant (Maria Sokoloff) who is almost as smart and she has a computer with a really good battery.  Meanwhile, there is a crazy cop on the loose who wants to kill people and he is heading for the small town of Taft where Stacy Keach is sheriff.  To complicate things a bit, Taft is just down the road from a nuclear power plant.  The special effects are somewhat disappointing.  The same scenes of flying and burning rocks are used over and over.  This three-hour, tv movie was not made for the big screen. [JAM 10/28/2010]