Megamind (Tom McGrath) -2010

In a twisted parody of the Superman saga, two super beings are simultaneously expelled from exploding planets and both land on Earth.  One set of parents thoughtfully included a pet fish inside the rocket.  Smarmy Metro Man landed in a good home but top-heavy Megamind landed in a penitentiary where he was raised by recidivists.  However, they went to the same elementary school.  What are the odds?  Metro Man and Megamind wage battle for years and years with Megamind always losing until Metro Man retires.  Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt are excellent as they all disappear into their cartoon voices.  Ms. Fey gets all of the best lines as the fearless television journalist.  Although Megamind committed numerous crimes and wreaked havoc of Metro City (that he rhymes with "atrocity"), all is forgiven when he displays a twinge of goodness and rescues the city from an evil force that he created.  Anything is possible in the toon world. [JAM 11/16/2010]