Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid (Mary Lambert - if that's her real name) - 2011

Someone (Debbie Gibson) has released pythons into the Everglades.  And, someone else (Tiffany Darwish) is a park ranger who is worried that the pythons are killing all of her beloved alligators.  So, Tiffany gives steroids to the gators and then the pythons eat some of the steroid-laced gator eggs.  Soon, giant snakes and gators are terrorizing Southern Florida.  However, one should never underestimate the skills of former teenage mall singers during a crisis situation.  The screenplay, acting, directing and special effects are consistently awful.  This made-for-cable "camp" movie is intended to please any die-hard Tiffany/Debbie fans who may still have too much time on their hands.

I am a big fan of Tiffany (the singer) who was our neighbor as a young girl in Norwalk, California.  Tiffany was a very nice but shy girl who was a natural singer with a booming voice.  On summer days, she would serenade the entire neighborhood from her back yard with classics such as Play That Funky Music, White Boy.  She also occasionally worked as babysitter for our sons.  I was happy to see that she found some success doing what she loved.  [JAM 1/30/2011]