Magic in the Moonlight (Woody Allen) - 2014

Colin Firth and Emma Stone deliver the Woody-Allen dialog with class.  Set in 1928 in the south of France, the story involves a magician (Firth) who is recruited by a friend (Simon McBurney) to debunk the clairvoyant (Stone).  As expected, the photography and sets are excellent and music perfectly fits the period.  In the Allen manner, some games are played with lighting and set positions but it all works well and the casting is appropriate for the era.  Although the plot seems to be simple and benign, Allen manages to infuse it with metaphysical discussions re religion, optimism and the paranormal.  In the 21st century where dystopian entertainment is the norm, it is refreshing to view a coherent film with intelligent dialog and without zombies, vampires and graphic violence.  [JAM 8/16/2014]