The Lorax (Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda) - 2012

Lou Dobbs did not like this movie based on the 1971 book by Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel 1904-1991).  In Lou's opinion, the movie was produced by friends of President Barack Obama to brainwash children.  It appears that Mr. Dobbs (if he actually saw the movie) might have been identifying with The Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms) who cut down all of the trees; or maybe he was identifying with Mr. O'Hare (voiced by Rob Riggle) who polluted the environment and trapped the citizens of Thneedville in a walled city.  I can imagine that anyone who favors greed over liberalism might feel threatened by the theme of this film.  However, I believe that The Lorax movie was true to the messages and entertainment values that Dr. Seuss brought to the children of the world.  The Seuss-like characters, colors and scenes are delightful. [JAM 3/25/2012]