Looper (Rian Johnson) - 2012

In the future, men will wear mostly black and have an unlimited supply of ammunition or so it would seem in director Johnson's dark story.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a paid assassin which is a good job if you can get it in Kansas in 2044.  His job is to blow away human captives sent his way via time machine from 30 years in the future.  This is a very violent and angry movie that predicts a future rife with lawlessness and despair.  The only enjoyment here is watching JG-L trying to look and act like Bruce Willis - his future self.  The entire story depends upon people developing powers of telekinesis and time travel in just a few decades.  Explanations for these developments are not offered.  The really big problem with time travel is that it assumes that travelers can go back and change everything.  It is also hard for a scientist to believe that one can meet one's future self.  Such eventualities seem to violate known physical realities (creation of matter, etc.).  The violence and action here are so hectic that there is little time for fun with time travel.  [JAM 10/6/2012]