The Lincoln Lawyer (Brad Furman) -2011

Lawyers and politicians can speak to either side of an argument with equal alacrity.  Newt Gingrich does this every day.  Lawyers can make tons of money even when they know their argument is wrong (see O.J. Simpson trial).  In this movie, Matthew McConaughey plays a wealthy criminal lawyer who sometimes collects large legal fees and dodges bullets at other times.  He has an array of clients moneyed and otherwise.  Fortunately for him, he is on good terms with all of his ex-wives including his designated driver, Marisa Tomei.  The McConaughey character thrives on the riskier side of criminal law and often struggles with questions of guilt and innocence.  The movie is based on the novel by Michael Connelly who has a loyal following of entertained readers. [JAM 3/27/2011]