The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Wes Anderson) - 2004

Bill Murray as Steve Zissou is the leader of the oceanic adventure group that wear red knit caps with matching speedos.  This group of adventurers makes its living by filming its explorations with the hope of selling the documentaries for profit.  Unlike the Cousteau group, the Zissous have some difficulties with funding and equipment maintenance.  This movie has sprung from the mind of writer/director Wes Anderson with his immaculate sets and scenic locations.  At times the movie is a Cousteau parody but then it has a life of its own fluctuating between drama and absurdity.  Zissou's possible son (Owen Wilson) from a 30-year-old fling joins the crew just before it embarks on the quest to find the jaguar shark who ate another crew member on the last trip.  Because of financial difficulties, the crew runs afoul of a competitor (Jeff Goldblum), a disaffected spouse (Angelica Huston), pirates, and a bonding company.  Somehow, Anderson pulls it all together for those who enjoy his particular style.  Every scene is carefully arranged and the excellent cast deadpans through some improbable dialog.  There are two types of people: those who like Wes Anderson movies and those who do not.  I like them.  [JAM 3/16/2014]