Jumper (Doug Liman) - 2008

Hayden Christensen has the super power of transportation and it's a good thing because he still can't act and has no other visible means of support.  The production crew seems to realize this since his lines are very short.  Many times were are just left with his blank stare.  Diane Lane has a very small part in the movie as Hayden's mother who left him when he was five "for his own good."  Hayden's girl friend (Rachel Bilson) has the best line in the movie: "How did my dish washer get in the library." 

Apparently there are lots of these "jumpers" and the quasi-governmental people who chase them ("paladins") like the ruthless, white-haired Samuel L. Jackson.  The movie makes no attempt to explain how any of these people got into their situations and why Diane Lane would marry such a loser.  The movie ends with all of the main characters in limbo to set the stage for a sequel.  Spare me! [JAM 1/7/2010]