Iron Man 3 (Shane Black) - 2013

Ordinary people are exploding after heating to 3,000 degrees (Fahrenheit); a Muslim extremist name Mandarin is threatening to blow up the Western world; the President of the United States has been kidnapped and suspended above a giant oil facility; and yet, none of the other members of The Avengers bother to help Iron Man fight these evil doers.  However, if aliens ever invade the earth again, I am sure that the Avengers will be there.  So, what does an insomniac billionaire do in the face of these threats?  He invites the Mandarin and his cohorts to attack his beach-front property which they do to his utter dismay.  All of these convoluted plot lines give Robert Downey Jr. plenty of time for his one-liners to tease Gwyneth Paltrow who is now president of Stark Industries and not a bad super-hero in her own right.  This movie certainly paid the wages of numerous graphic designers, stunt athletes and various computer geeks for many moons.  Stay for the end of the credits lest you might miss the end of Downey's comedy routine.  [JAM 5/5/2013]