Invention of Lying

In a parallel universe, nobody has ever told a lie, not even Republicans or right-wing radio hosts.  In this world, there are no works of fiction and, of course, no religion.  Everyone on the planet is really naive and stupid.  The only thing on television is talking heads who read history stories.  Ricky Gervais is a history writer who is about to lose his job and his apartment but is somehow able to get a date with Jennifer Garner.

In desperation, Gervais has a CSI-moment causing his brain to tell a small lie at the bank.  Then, he goes to visit his mother where she lives at "A Sad Place For Hopeless Old People" and tells the big lie about "the man in the sky".  After the big lie, Gervais becomes the most famous and wealthy man on Earth.  I just get a feeling that Pat Robertson is not going to like this movie. [JAM 10/8/2009]