Interstellar (Christopher Nolan) - 2014

The Joad family had it easy.  In the future, hopefully a long time into the future, crops are failing; giant dust storms rule the land; and, NASA has gone underground.  Farmer/former astronaut Matthew McConaughey has been recruited to lead a search mission through a wormhole on the outskirts of Saturn.  A dozen brave explorers have entered the same highway taking different forks in an attempt to find a human-friendly planet in another galaxy.  The space team that includes Anne Hathaway, TARS the robot & two flunkies, find three potential landing spots and they guess wrong twice.  The special effects in this one are amazing.  Nobody knows what wormhole travel might resemble but this will do.  As always, space exploration seems like a very dangerous occupation.  I will take my chances with the corn crop.  [JAM 12/7/2014]