Independence Day: Resurgence (Roland Emmerich) -2016

The aliens are back and they are really angry this time.  The have a new spaceship that is as big as the Atlantic Ocean.  It has its own gravity and a monarchy.  All of the 1996 heroes are reassembled for this crisis except for Will Smith who was busy making Bad Boys 3.  When the aliens were defeated 20 years ago, they left their superior technology but apparently not enough for us to detect a fast-moving planetoid zipping through our solar system except for that one incident on the Jupiter outpost.  The star pilot (Liam Helmsworth) this time is the unshaven brother of Thor.  Liam has a fiance (Maika Monroe) who is also a pilot, and just happens to be the daughter of former President Whitmore (Bill Plummer) - remember him?  The current president (Sela Ward) makes some good decisions (fight) and one really bad decision (hide in a cave).  Actual presidents (Clinton and Obama) must have also been using Will Smith's agent.  So, the aliens destroyed a lot of stuff (London, Tokyo, The Moon, New Jersey, etc.) and then started drilling for the Earth's core.  There are some amazing coincidences here.  For example, Jeff Goldblum meets his father (Judd Hirsch) on a school bus on a salt flat near Albuquerque.  The fate of all mankind rests in the hands of five fighter pilots, Brent Spiner in a fright wig and President Whitmore on a suicide mission.  With an enormous alienpower advantage, Queen Godzilla and super-duper special effects, the resurgent aliens proved to be no match for Independence Day 3: How Can We Top This?  [JAM 6/27/2016]