Incredibles2 (Brad Bird) -2018

The sequel to Incredibles (2004) is a very popular "animated" movie in a theatre near you.  But, it seems like the same movie to me.  Super family comes out of retirement to save the world.  There are some very good drawings and characters in this movie.  The voice actors are great.  However, I think that the Disney and Warner Brothers animators would hesitate to call this an animated feature.  This movie is actually the result of computer magic performed by an impressive number of creative programmers.  Many of the visuals are basically the result of Photoshopping-gone-wild.  Since almost all of the characters are variations of human types, the movie could just as well have been made using real actors.  That may have cost more than this final thing which was probably fabricated by a room full of geniuses working on laptop computers.  I liked the first movie and this one was just as good; but in the end it will just be as memorable as a long episode of The Jetsons for me. [JAM 6/25/2018]