Inception (Christopher Nolan) - 2010

Whenever I see a movie like this, I wonder why we can't win this war in Afghanistan.  Maybe it's because all of our geniuses are too busy making special-effects movies and inventing iPhones.  Leonardo DeCaprio works for some super-secret organization that has found a way to change a person's mind through a rather elaborate form of dream therapy.  Although Leo has become persona non grata, he still has the funding and contacts to perform an ingenious Mission: Impossible-type scheme to reverse the future control of worldwide energy thereby making the planet a better place and, at the same time regaining his long-lost passport.  But the premise of the story is really not important.  It's all about the special effects and the dreams within dreams within dreams.  This is an e-ticket ride and a psychological puzzle.  But don't worry.  It's all just a dream. [JAM 7/17/2010]