Husbands and Wives (Woody Allen) - 1992

This was the 13th consecutive and last Woody Allen movie for Mia Farrow and we all know why it was the last.  Filmed in a semi-documentary format, the movie examines marriages and relationships, many of which mirror Woody's experiences at the time.  He seems to be sending Mia a message with the lines he wrote for her.  Mia's character describes herself as a "dull wife" and asks husband Woody leading questions such as: "Do you ever hide things from me?" and "Do you think we'd ever break up?" and "Are you unhappy in our marriage?" and "Do you want somebody new?"  Woody and Mia's best friends are played by Sydney Pollack (1934-2008) and Judy Davis who are intentionally irritating in over-the-top performances.  While their friends are separating, Woody is flirting with a young student (Juliette Lewis) and Mia is being very nice to a co-worker (Liam Neeson).  Finally, in separate scenes, Mia says "It's over and we both know it." and Woody says "Is this over?"  This movie was as hard to watch as their relationship was at the time. [JAM 3/30/2010]

["Husbands and Wives was written two years before things happened with Mia.  There's no correlation.  I was experimenting.  I felt that with the documentary style it should be open, sexually and cinematically ... She [Mia Farrow] is a wonderful actress.  Any differences we had were personal.  It was a pleasure to work with her.  I found her very professional.  I like writing for her because I was aware that she could do things that she wasn't getting a chance to do ..." Conversations with Woody Allen - February 2006]