Hollywood Ending (Woody Allen) - 2002

This movie suffers from too much of Woody trying to act like a blind man.  He plays a neurotic hypochondriac and movie director who has recently lost directorial jobs and his second wife (Tea Leoni) because of his poor work habits.  He also has an estranged son from his first marriage who has green, spiked hair and has changed his name to "Scumbag X."  Basically, this is a bad movie about a director who makes a really bad movie.  However, it seems that movies made by blind directors are popular in France.  Hence the title.  George Hamilton is excellent as Ed the studio executive.  [JAM 11/22/2010]

[" ... the biggest personal shock to me of all the movies that I've done is that Hollywood Ending was not thought of as a first-rate, extraordinary comedy.  I was stunned that it met with any resistance at all.  I thought it was a very, very funny idea, and I thought I executed it absolutely fine, and that I was funny ..." Conversations with Woody Allen Spring 2005]