Hereafter (Clint Eastwood) - 2010

This movie is really three stories that somehow come together at the end.  There is a message here and it is that there is life of some sort after death.  Matt Damon is a reluctant psychic who is trying to run away from himself.  Belgian actress Cecile De France is a television journalist who has a near-death experience during a tsunami that hit a fancy seaside resort city.  (The tsunami special effect is well done.)  And, Frankie & George McLaren are twin brothers who are separated by a terrible accident.  Eastwood carefully moves the stories along with excellent piano-and-strings music composed by the director.  Although the stories seem to promise an afterlife, there is no reason to believe the conclusion.  The agnostic/atheist within me does not expect anything but will be pleasantly surprised if the Eastwood future proves to be true.  If so, I promise to be a good and helpful spirit. [JAM 11/3/2010]