Harry Potter And the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

This is a movie about dark magic, destruction, death and young love.  Harry Potter and gang are back at Hogwarts for their sixth year and one wonders whether they will ever graduate.  It seems that Headmaster Dumbledore has a special assignment for Harry in his never-ending quest to destroy the illusive Lord Voldemort, nee Tom Riddle.  When Harry is not helping his friends with teenage crushes, he is helping the headmaster battle a bunch of creepy-looking English folks.  Of course, nothing is resolved today because there are two more of these blockbusters to come.

I have not read the books but have seen all of the movies.  They are very entertaining and the special effects are the best.  I am very happy that Ms. Joanne K. Rowling was able to escape poverty with her series of books and I have heard that there is so much more in the books than what can be shown in a 153-minute movie.  However, the movies are enough for me.  I am just not that interested in Ms. Rowling's make-believe world. [JAM 7/15/2009]