Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (David Yates) - 2011

Harry and the gang did not have much time for camping in this one.  They go on a giant scavenger hunt to find the particular trinkets that are especially dear to arch-enemy Ralph Fiennes.  Their first stop takes them to evil wizard bank guarded by the giant, fire-breathing white dragon.  Those people can show Fort Knox how to protect your valuables.  Before long, Ralph leads his minions into the wizard battle of all wizard battles against the residents of Hogwarts castle.  I am not sure why Ralph has this hatred for Harry but it could be because Harry has a good head of hair and a decent-looking nose.  After seven best-selling books and eight blockbuster movies, this franchise has finally met its end (I hope).  The special effects were great as always and there were enough strange English-looking people and ugly demons to fill the screen.  However, I prefer the earlier movies that featured talking hats, whomping willows and interactive paintings. [JAM 7/18/2011]