Green Zone (Paul Greengrass) - 2010

My guess is that this will not be Dick Cheney's favorite movie of the year.  Matt Damon is an army warrant officer in charge of an elite group of soldiers hopelessly searching for WMD in post-invasion Iraq.  Greg Kinnear is an oily U.S. government stooge working for Paul Bremer.  Although I am not a fan of the shaky camera, director Greengrass effectively places the audience in the most dangerous place on the planet in 2003.  Scenes contrasting the privilege of the green zone denizens versus the squalor in the nearby Iraqi neighborhood are especially illustrative of the hypocrisy of the time.  Disguised as fiction, the film uses that license to compress several actual events into a moving series of tragedies.  The film exposes the crime of the millennium and the resulting horror of a war that never should have happened. [JAM 3/27/2010]